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TV shows which shouldn't have seen the light of day....

The Miz

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I had inspiration for this topic after witnessing a TV show which is on as I speak. 'Sing If You Can' on ITV1 presented by Kieth Lemon and Stacy Solamen. The show involves "celebrities" having to sing whilst they are beingh distracted by things such as snakes or having knives thrown at them.


It is beyond shit, the kind of thing you may expect to catch on Challenge or Dave in the warly hours of the morning. Even the usually excellent Kieth Lemon can't save it.


So with this in mind, any other shows you think should never have been created?

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Outnumbered is absolutely abysmal, and they are constantly showing ads for it on UK Gold going on about how great it is. What a pile of crap it really is.


Fuck off back to watching Ben 10 then, you prat.

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