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30 Days of WRESTLING

Super Cena

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30 Days of WRESTLING


Following on from the 30 Days of Gaming thread in off-topic, I thought I'd create one for you beautiful UKFFers on what we know best - wrestling!


If you don't know how it goes, we basically have one question for each day where we post our answers and discuss said question/answers, before moving onto the next question the following day.




We'll begin with the first question paying homage to the off-topic games thread.


1. Your first wrestling video game.

2. Your favourite wrestling DVD.

3. A wrestler that is underrated.

4. A match that is underrated.

5. Your favourite gimmick match type.

6. Your favourite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match.

7. Your favourite tag team.

8. Your favourite championship belt (look and lineage).

9. Most satisfying victory.

10. Most emotional moment.

11. Your favourite year for wrestling ever.

12. A match you would show a non-fan.

13. Your favourite promo/interview ever.

14. Your favourite storyline ever.

15. Your favourite non-wrestler ever.

16. Post your favourite wrestling picture (or the best you can find).

17. Your favourite wrestling video game.

18. Best talker.

19. Your favourite ever faction.

20. A show you didn't think you'd like, but ended up loving.

21. Your favourite arena set-up ever.

22. The oldest piece of wrestling merch/tape you own.

23. A show you have watched more than five times.

24. Your favourite bump ever.

25. Most holy shit (biggest shock/pop) moment ever.

26. Favourite heel ever.

27. Favourite face ever.

28. Your favourite TV episode.

29. Your favourite show ever.

30. Your favourite wrestler ever.


Edit: Day 5 - 'Your favourite gimmick match type' has replaced 'Your guilty pleasure match'.

Edit: Day 6 - 'Your favourite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match' has replaced 'Wresting character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)'.

Edit: Day 9 - 'Most satisfying victory' has replaced 'Favourite entrance theme'.

Edit: Day 10 - 'Most emotional moment' has replaced 'Saddest wrestling moment'.

Edit: Day 28 - 'You favourite TV episode' has replaced 'Your favourite promotion'.



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Mine will have been WWF Smackdown 2 for the Playstation 1, and that's what got me into wrestling in the first place. Well, that and a mixture of all the other lads at school bringing in their figures to play with during 'golden time' on a Friday afternoon.


I remember being so excited and playing it each and every evening straight from school for a scary length of time. I've never played on a video game any near as many times as I played on SD2 since.


What a great roster that game had and I loved everything about it. A lad that used to live down the road from me used to stay over on a Friday night and we'd have an absolute Smackdown 2 fest before Raw is War came on.

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The first i remember playing was Super Wrestlemania on the SNES but i never owned it.


The first i actually bought was probably WWF Attitude on the Nintendo 64. I loved it at the time, but looking back it really wasn't very god.

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I remember a hand held WCW game with Sting and Arn Anderson on the front... It was really bad, I remember being disappointed in the game play even back then. My first game for a console was Super Wrestlemania for SNES.


EDIT: Found a pic...


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The first game I remeber playing was WWF Raw I believe (either that or the other similar one) on the Megadrive. I didnt like or know wrestling then but remeber it being a fun game my mate owned.


First on I bought was WWF Warzone on playstation. It took me a long time to like this game, mainly because I bought it as a used game in 2000 and by that time most of the wrestlers had gone and as I only started my love for wrestling in 2000 I didnt know who the people were (now I realsie it had a great little roster). But in 2000 it looked something like this to me


Bret Hart - Gone to WCW and Retired

Shawn Michaels - Retired

Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love- Retired but still prominent

Golddust - Gone to WCW (Btw I didnt watch WCW)

Ahmed Johnson - Gone to WCW and sucked

Ken SHamrock- Gone

The Headbangers- Not prominent on TV

Bulldog - Again not prominent on TV

Owen Hart - Sadly Passed on but at the time just some unknown

Undertaker - Had gone to american badass but I knew who he was

The Rock - Was a heel which i found weired

HHH - Nothing like the game as this was DX Time



After a while I go the hang of the game and later on enjoyed it as a more technical game to play as alternative to Smackdown 2



Which was the first game I loved.


Up to date, huge roster. Good for the time season mode, could win and wear all the belts, loads of stipulation matches, a cage match with ropes in the ring and so much more

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Oh shit, I've only just realised.


Smackdown 2 wasn't the first wrestling game I had! I completely forgot that what actually got the ball rolling for me was a WCW game I had on demo before that. I'll still take SD2 for an answer though, because I only had this WCW demo a week or so before I got my hands on SD2! Christ, for years I've always had it in my head that Smackdown 2 was the first one I played on.


Any idea which WCW game this was? It would have been around the late 2000/ early '01 period I think for the PS1?

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