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Gambled and won


I feel like Fitz in Cracker after the mahoosive win on the Roulette wheel, elated yet my missus will still leave me for being on the internet all bleeding evening.

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I know not what significance it has, but i'll make the best of it

Let me introduce you to a world of science fiction. Writing like you've never experienced before. The deep textural layers will keep you reading for literally minutes on end. The characters may seem familiar, perhaps even seem as if they are ripped straight from major motion pictures, but prepare to find these characters living out adventures like you've never imagined!


Get yourself into a comfortable armchair, a strongly brewed cup of tea, a blanket in case it gets cold, and prepare to immerse yourself into the adventure of:



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Once again, I'll lose track of who everyone is, who I like and don't like, and who I'm currently feuding with :(


At least I can still tell magic_sparkle_ghost's posts though by their lack of quote usage, capitals and sense and wit :)

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