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  1. I've read a few bits where people have screen grabbed shots of when the cop is looking at the files and in the 2020 game the player bios start at 002, where as in previous years it appears to show them starting at 001. With Il-Nam not being shown it kinda makes it seem this is the first set of games where a host had taken part which kinda makes sense considering his health situation. So much cool stuff in the show. I didn't notice until I read that all the games are visibly drawn on the walls of the holding area, but were always mostly hidden due to the massive amount of bunk beds in the room. Amother nice wrinkle being that each main characters death in Squid games is foreshadowed in their actions when they return home after ending the game the first time round. Spending too much time on Reddit but god damn I adore this show.
  2. Yeah the VIP acting was quite jarring amongst everyone elses. 69, am I right?! It's also strange how 001 would have fit in amongst them had he not taken part in the games. His overall demeaner was nothing like the rest of them, despite him being a wrong un ultimately.
  3. Just out of curiosity, did anyone watch this is dubbed English? It defaulted to that and we left it for 2 episodes but switched over to subtitles after that. The dub was pretty horrendous. Red light, green light is far more sinister in the non dubbed version because of the doll's singing.
  4. Yes. The Cop notices his name as the winner of a previous year's games (2015 I think) when exploring the files. Me and the Mrs binged it over 2 days last weekend and we were hooked. There is so much awesome foreshadowing and lots of little Easter eggs to be found. As mentioned it looks stunning and just pops off of the screen. Best thing I've watched in ages.
  5. Let us all marvel at the raw athleticism of Betche. VelvetyBelatedBellsnake-mobile.mp4
  6. Eugene also sounds like a geekier version of Conrad Thompson, so there another reason.
  7. It's a very nice looking card chaps but let's not forget the real main event. Blaydes by name v Blades by nature. Let's go Jarzinho.
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