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  1. I know the commentary on the whole is pretty abysmal, but Michael Cole over egging the call "BRAY WYATT... THE FIEND!" everytime Wyatt appears is so jarring. Feels more overproduced than the usual commentary shite.
  2. I remember the Diana day pretty well. My mate Jonathan wasn't allowed out. The rest of us hung out in the multi story carpark trying to smoke match sticks.
  3. I was actually sat in my parents house browsing the UKFF when the towers were hit.
  4. Anyone checked out the new update? There's a shit ton of changes included. I spent a few hours messing with the new Trader role. It's pretty much the same as the CEO stuff in GTAO, but I had a good laugh with it. Looking forward to trying out the 2 other modes. Grinding so I can get a Dog for my campsite.
  5. If you're going to Lidl, standard etiquette is to just fill a (big) trolley with these. Then pack them all AT the till.
  6. Silky Kisser

    Chippy Tea

    Fucking heathens. Squeeze of lemon on the fish and a dip in the curry is cracking lads.
  7. I had to stop playing Ultimate Team because it was just bad for my health and wallet in the end. Great fun building cheap teams full of underrated gems though. The first few weeks of a new FUT mode are always great until the 1,000,000 Fifa point brigade shows up.
  8. I feel exactly the same way. People give JR plenty of shit but it's good to see he's not pandering for anyone and just doing what he likes. The Bischoff and Prichard podcasts may as well just end now because there's so much ass kissing and hyperbole they are worthless. And yeah, HHH's comments. Amazing stuff.
  9. Rewatched the main event back yesterday as I have no recollection of it from the arena on the night. I did find it a little long but it was pretty engrossing and I managed to watch it all which is something I don't normally do with these marathon main events. Tyler Bate is such a good babyface in peril, team that up with his ridiculous feats of strength.. It's an easy combination to get behind. Highlight of the night was watching Chris Roberts ref Flash and Andrews and get to put the titles on them afterwards. Smiling like I slept with a coat hanger in my mouth. Crowd was wild all night long. Good stuff.
  10. Yeah it really feels like JR doesnt give two fucks at all anymore. He's not shy of putting the boots into WWE on his podcast and he appears pretty unconcerned about pissing off the AEW brass too. He must be making some tidy bank off the podcast and is just enjoying himself.
  11. Probably belongs in the 'I'm too old for this' thread, but I finally managed to grind the coping and make it out without falling. Pain and progress! VID_488110829_043910_389.mp4
  12. Well you're gonna struggle to find a show where the top 3 fights deliver like that. Tremdous stuff. Stipe's adjustment in the 4th was pretty masterful. I had him down 3 rounds at that point but he just turned it all on it's head. Amazing stuff. Nate looked pretty damn sharp, he seems to have matured a little too. I was expecting a profanity laced post fight promo, but his more laid back approach is easier to get behind. Dude looked a complete star and the Masvidal fight will no doubt be entertaining. Couldn't help but smile thinking he's back on the horse and getting shit done whilst McGregor continues to fuck himself up. Costa/Romero was insanity as expected. I gave Costa the first 2 rounds so had no problem with the outcome. Amazing fight. Fuck those fans for booing the result though, they left it all in there and don't make the decision. Really fun show.
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