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  1. In some weird coincidence I started watching the Kings doc series last night. I'm very much the casualist of casual boxing fans so much of the story is new to me outside of the major moments which I've read about previously. This doc series is pretty fucking great though. It weaves the pieces together nicely and paints a great story. I was hooked. Hoping to finish it off tonight. Thoroughly recommended. Felt very much like a 30 for 30 piece. They do an amazing job putting this stuff together.
  2. Bisping goes over scoring based off the Official Nevada State Athletic Commission guidance. I must admit I was a little surprised by the margins he talks about. Have we ever had a 10-10 scored In MMA? Also found it interesting the commission stated that scoring more 10-8's is beneficial to the sport long term. Bisping's getting more active on his YouTube recently. Worth a sub.
  3. "It's a doctors stoppage!!" Pretty unsatisfactory way to end it. What a classless prick McGregor is. On his arse and still chatting shit about Poirier's wife. Feels like Dustin just has his number though. I'd be happy to see a 4th so Dustin gets paid again and hopefully puts him out cold once more. Really fun show on the whole, just gutted it ended the way it did.
  4. So I watch a lot of shit on YouTube. Recently I've been watching a lot of DIY bits. Not really the useful, practical stuff that will maybe save you a few quid, but the 'find some wood lying around and do something with it' type stuff. Anyways, I found some old wood in the garage and decided to build a bird house out of what was there. It's a little bit ropey but I was pretty pleased with how it came out. Any other budding DIY'ers on here? Quality and shit are both welcomed.
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