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  1. Having fun with this breadmaker. It's nothing ground breaking, but these pizzas came out tidy. Only downside is everything we've made so far comes out quite 'heavy' and because I'm a gluttonous bastard, I'm eating a lot of it... I'll save that for the shitting thread though.
  2. I just bought a bread maker and the recipe book with it seems to suggest using milk powder when baking pretty much anything. I'm a complete noob, so just wondering if I can just substitute the water part for actual milk 1:1, and just leave out the dried milk altogether? Also, any other tips/suggestions for a novice baker? Cheers.
  3. Me and the misses do our weekly shop in Lidl. Max spend is usually about 70 quid, which covers us for everything we need, so we don't tend to spend anything midweek in work and stuff. Lidl is pretty good overall in my eyes. The meat is usually of a quite decent quality, their fruit and veg is usually passable but doesn't last too long before it gets a bit 'offish'. Snacks and stuff are priced very well too. They also have a great on site bakery which is always a bonus. My only complaint is that you find they have stuff one week, but not the next, which can be slightly infuriating
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