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  1. Imagine Adam Cole being heavier than Jon Jones or Daniel Cormier when they weighed in for a Light Heavyweight title fight. Damnit, Dopper beat me to it.
  2. Perry has shown signs of being mentally unstable since he first trotted out in the UFC. Dude obviously has needed some help for a long time, but the social media grief he's gotten from Darren Till fans recently regarding his girlfriend has been pretty grim. Must be like pouring petrol on a fire for someone with such obvious anger issues. Inexcusable though. The video is just a complete car crash and he is a bellend.
  3. Cheers. Yeah was gonna fry up some onion and peppers to go with so I guess I'll just throw everything in the pan and heat them that way.
  4. Apologies, I believe this was asked in the old thread. Picked up some of these to use in Fajitas but the instructions say they need to be heated in about 300ml of sauce. Are they gonna be awful if I roast them dry in the oven? Any tips? Cheers.
  5. Hall of meat got more arcadey, but the addition of Hardcore made the actual skating way more realistic and dialed in. It feels so satisfying putting a basic, but realistic looking line together. I think Skate 3 suffered mostly because the map was shit. San Van had so much more charm and felt way more skateable than the disconnected Port Carverton map in Skate 3. If I can skate the Community Centre again in Skate 4, I'd die happy. Some of my jazz:
  6. Yeah, Till gives me that Dave O'Donnell, meathead, scrap outside the kebab shop vibe of the early days of British MMA. I've never warmed to him either. He seemed to make himself bullying smaller fighters because he could cut the weight they couldn't. I think the final straw for me was him moaning about cutting to 170lbs at some point making it sound like he was being forced, despite being an obvious 85er and above. Fingers crossed he gets a pasting.
  7. Anyone following this social media beef with Perry and Till? It seemed friendly at first but Till kept winding him up and Perry ended up blocking him. Any of Perry's posts now seem to be greeted with comments about Till 'Raw dogging' his Mrs and other general abuse. All very childish stuff but I wonder how a headcase like Perry reacts. Possibly a reason for the busted knuckles. Both come off as two of the biggest knuckle draggers to breathe air. I wouldn't normally route for Gall or Whittaker but I'll be firmly behind both when the fights happen.
  8. Yeah I was very happy to see this and even more so that the original developers are on board. I guess EA assumed they were leaving money on the table after the recent THPS news and Session/XL popping up. Fans have been heavily pleading with them to do another for years. It's EA, I shouldn't be surprised they care fuck all about what the fans think and just about ensuring they don't miss out themselves.
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