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  1. I love how the crowd gave no fucks about a potential early stoppage in the Faber fight, but shit all over the potentially early stoppage in the main event.
  2. Well, it's been 2 months and despite spending countless hours reading the forum via my phone every single day, I still fall for the 'page jumps up when I reach the bottom' every single fucking time. Gonna have a complex over this.
  3. Yeah the MMA news outlet sites have really gone down the tubes. I binned off Junkie years back and since Helwani left MMA fighting, the wheels have slowly started to come off there too. Anytime I watch a video off their site I'm greeted by a new face I don't recognise. MiddleEasy was another favourite years back. Their Sunday morning rumour mill was like the MMA equivalent of reading the teletext wrestling pages back in the 2000's. They always had different styles of articles to the other sites.. Always refreshing stuff. All gone to shit.
  4. This is about as close to Rumble Johnson v Jones fight that I'm ever going to get, so I'm super intrigued. I expect Jones to get the TD early and finish with elbow or a sub, but there's that tiny what if Santos can lay a glove on him and make it count. Can't wait.
  5. Ngannou is just a scary, scary man. It still feels like a strong wrestling game plan will always win out against him, but jesus this guy's starched the likes of JDS, Cain and Overeem with ease. He deserves another shot without doubt. Sign me up.
  6. I asked the question a few weeks back. I don't read the observer or listen to Big Dave, but I was wondering what his take is on Dustin currently? It would be pretty spectacular for him to continue to hate on Dustin whilst sporting a serious hard on for all of AEW. Including that shite Battle Royale. I'm half expecting a full 180. Plans always change.
  7. Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!
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