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  1. I remember it being your avatar. That's got to be a decade now easily. I actually tried to Google it but had no luck.
  2. Reminds me of the "Our Great Sport" image that used to float around here years back.
  3. I find skating provides good exercise which also improves my mental health greatly, but the falls are horrible. Like a sack of shit. Fall.mp4
  4. Sausage, beans and cheese slice?
  5. Seems like they cut him in a Kurt Angle type 'We don't want you to die on our watch' situation after Sanchez and Fabia refused to answer a few health questions regarding Diego. Kevin Iole's article has most of it covered. https://sports.yahoo.com/ufc-releases-diego-sanchez-as-dana-white-blasts-his-bats-nuts-coach-joshua-fabia-054815907.html?s=09
  6. I think the build to a Diaz Chimaev fight would be pretty great. Khamzat talks a load of shit and you know Diaz would bite but the actual fight itself seems one way traffic and I'm not fussed. Bollocks to it. Let him Box Jake Paul.
  7. Spot on Wand. After all these years off, throw him in with a Perry or Lawler to see how the land lies.
  8. Christ that was a crazy show. Masvidal grinning like a plank only to be brutally KO'd seconds later was such a good pay off. Usman looks an unstoppable force and everytime he goes in there he looks improved. Nice to see them embrace after the fight but I very much doubt Masvidal would have handled it the same had he won.
  9. I can understand finding Usman a little vanilla, but: Let's go Marty.
  10. @tiger_rickThat's fair, but I can't understand investing so much energy into something that is blatantly not for us anymore and hasn't been for a long tine. They said it over the weekend. They're a media company that happens to have a ring in the arena each week. I guess it's my fault for reading this thread, but the same comments made every week about how they're doing it wrong when they clearly don't give a single fuck is fascinating and crazy all at the same time.
  11. They may have lost millions of viewers but they're making more money than they ever did. Whether that is sustainable long term is another matter, but they don't seem to care about the standard of TV product they put out because it has no real effect on their bottom line. Which is all that matters at the end of the day. There are plenty of people on here who hate watch through Raw then can't wait to come into this thread to moan about it. Baffling.
  12. No offence to you, but these kind of Tuesday morning anger posts are the gift that keeps on giving. Why would they change anything when people continue to eat the shit sandwich every week? You know what you're getting 95% of the time and whenever they throw you the carrot you're looking for you know it's only gonna be short lived. Bart Simpson cupcake gif.
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