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  1. Opening the pack of Bacon using the 'pull here' tab. One day it'll work.
  2. Are you able to say who is the current promotion that is helping to host the show?
  3. Felt a bit sorry for Blaydes there. I dunno whether he was trying to prove a point but he certainly looked good early doors and was in complete control on the feet. You can never count Lewis out though. Christ.
  4. Plus, the 'Key Demo' outro song on the podcast might be the greatest musical piece ever made.
  5. Had the opposite experience with my dad a few weeks prior. Was told his jab was at 12. We got there at 11.40 to find a line of around 50 pensioners wrapped round the building, all queuing to get in for their 12 o'clock appointment. It was hammering down with rain whilst the wind howled past. We eventually got in to the building at 12.30, soaked and freezing.
  6. Councillor Brewerton is an absolute shitehawk. What a heel.
  7. This isn't a best or worst thing, but I watched the above clip and it really stuck out to me how much Ventura always gets away with taking the piss out of Vince on commentary. I get Vince wasn't the face of the company back then so it's a little different, but has anyone else been 'allowed' to give him pelters in the booth before? Imagine that happening today. Unthinkable.
  8. Dipped my toe in for this. I thought overall the women's Rumble was a far easier watch than the blokes. Bianca Bellair looked the business. I've never been an Edge fan and seeing him and Orton out first killed any enthusiasm I had. The match just seemed to plod along without anything of note really happening throughout.
  9. So I watch a lot of shit on YouTube. Recently I've been watching a lot of DIY bits. Not really the useful, practical stuff that will maybe save you a few quid, but the 'find some wood lying around and do something with it' type stuff. Anyways, I found some old wood in the garage and decided to build a bird house out of what was there. It's a little bit ropey but I was pretty pleased with how it came out. Any other budding DIY'ers on here? Quality and shit are both welcomed.
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