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  1. I'll usually flick through 1 or 2 clips on Youtube but that's about it. I watch next to nothing but I probably listen to around 15-20 hours of Wrestling related podcasts per week. Can't get enough of them.
  2. This place seems to be held together by blu tac and silly string. The snow effect would probably fuck the whole thing off forever.
  3. Considering he's employed by Fox and not WWE, and the fact that he seemingly still isn't on good terms with Vince and Co, he was never gonna get trotted out on the big stage for his return. I quite like how this is going. Seems like Fox want him on board regardless, so he can get away with semi shitting on the product whilst doing enough to get everyone clamouring for another match... He'll no doubt get a sweet part time contract through Vince and Hunters gritted teeth soon enough. He must be loving it all. Kinda feels like the ball is completely in his court... Its a mad shift considering everything that's gone on.
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