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  1. Did some myself. Those poundshop microwave egg poachers work pretty well for a flatter egg.
  2. Clap for carers but make sure you film/upload to social media for likes. Bonus points if you involve your kids. Fuck off.
  3. Why bother eating any roast if you're gonna cover it in mustard, jam or Caster sugar. Because Mint sauce is king.
  4. Nope.Mint sauce on every roast you absolute wasters.
  5. Haven't really been out of the house or garden for a week, but I've been doing DDP Yoga pretty much everyday which I'm really enjoying and finding beneficial. Also built a little 'P Rail' so I can still do some shitty Grinds on my skates whilst I can't skate proper. VID_33150824_035238_934.mp4 I've also managed to knock alcohol on the head for the last 2 weeks. Feeling a lot better because of it too. Wasn't until I stopped that I realised how poor my sleep quality has been for a while. Eating like an absolute pig mind. Feel pretty good at the moment.
  6. Yorkshires and mint sauce on every roast dinner is a must. Why punish yourself?
  7. I've reheated plenty of rice in the past and I've always been ok. Never Risotto though. I batch cook a lot so everything goes into tupperware and into the fridge pretty quick. Stomach pains and ferocious shitting subsided around 2pm. I hope I'm in the clear now. Don't think I can take another round.
  8. I reheated some Risotto for lunch yesterday that was a made on Saturday night. Since then I've had some amazingly awful stomach cramps and around 9 trips to the bog since. My arsehole is on fire and the last adventure into the toilet resulted in me dabbing wet toilet paper on my throbbing exit hole as a standard wipe was bringing tears to my eyes. We could only get the really terrible thin toilet paper too (Fuck you Covdid 19) Just had coffee number 1 of the day and I can feel the heat approaching. Its not going to be good.
  9. Nothing is touching that. Tremendous.
  10. Work sell these Flapjacks for £1.50 a pop in the canteen, I stumbled across a box of 30 on amazon for £30 a few days back so ordered a box to see me through quarantine. Just logged back in today and they are less than 20 bucks now Fill yer boots, UKFF. These things are fucking amazing.
  11. Me and my mates usually do a 'Not Booked Club' where we all try and watch a particular show and then let rip about it in our little wrestling WhatsApp group. Last night we went a step further and live watched the 'Pilman's got a gun' Raw episode and then Austin/Bret from Mania 13 whilst all in a facebook messenger facetime chat. It was a good laugh We're hoping to do more over the next few weeks. I reckon this will be a great way to watch the expected weirdness of this year's Mania.
  12. So I think we're burned out on Red Dead 2. We amassed a pretty respectable 43 day streak so we were swimming in gold bars, but the grind has left us pretty much hating it. Gonna take a while off and get stuck into this. Seems fitting.
  13. Nothing to add other than I'm so happy Kevin Lee lost. The dude has such a massive chip on his shoulder. I get that he's marketable but he seems to get the UFC grease so often. A bunch of missed weight cuts and now this phantom tap... Massively satisfying to watch.
  14. Just to close this off, I've been fortunate enough to be offered a speed awareness course. I've been midly shitting it since so this is a relief. Cheers, folks.
  15. Just what I need. I've had a letter of prosecution for doing 41mph in a 30mph zone. I have a clean license but I did do a speed awareness course about 10 years ago (setting myself up for ridicule but it was the same spot I've been caught this time) Will they offer me another course or am I gonna get fucked with a big fine? I've read something about 100% of a weekly wage fine. Any ideas.
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