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  1. Silky Kisser

    The Staircase on Netflix (spoilers)

    I believe the report said traces of feathers were found in her hair and hands. I feel the opposite - to me he didnt seem overly effected by it all. If you found your wife dead at the bottom of the stairs with that much blood everywhere, you wouldn't be fixated on a fall down the stairs as the reason. You'd probably think that someone had attacked her. But no, when he eventually rang the police, he was adamant that she'd fallen without even questioning any other possibility. Plus there's other stuff not talked about in the doc like she had strangulation marks around her neck. How he's tried to clean up so much of the blood. His bloody foot print on her body and the fact that she had very little alcohol in her system when he said they'd been drinking for hours. He had poured most of the wine down the sink. The police did a poor job, but he did it in my eyes. Check out the podcast 'Beyond reasonable doubt' it's far less biased than the doc.
  2. Silky Kisser

    How does your daily routine compare to Marky Mark's?

    Our organisation has been issued Surface Pro laptops over the last week in preparation of our huge office moves in the next year or so. Working at home seems imminent. The new building apparently has less office space than the current one. I can't fucking wait to work from my bed.
  3. Silky Kisser

    Chippy Tea

    As a man of Science, I felt a second experiment was warranted.
  4. Silky Kisser

    Skateboards, BMX and Fruit Booters

    Still plugging away... K.mp4
  5. Silky Kisser

    Documentary Thread #2

    Probably late to the party but Evil Genius has taken over my life this week. What a stunningly messed up turn of events. I can't believe this shit is real. The news reporter footage of the arrest will stay with me for a long time.
  6. Silky Kisser

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I watched the interview and I took that part as total lip service. It was a question he knew was coming and needed an answer for without losing any face. He also said that if he fights again, it would be before the end of the year, which seems unthinkable. Can't see him ever doing it again which is definitely for the best. He was so vague about everything too. Constantly spouted the 'I have stuff going on that I can't talk about' line. Doesn't look like he has any intention of wrestling either.
  7. Silky Kisser

    Best chocolate bar

    Dark chocolate is where its at. Never tried one of these Ritter Sport efforts. I normally keep my chocolate in the fridge, (potential can of worms) but I'd probably break my teeth on this thing. Intrigued.
  8. Silky Kisser

    UFC 228: Woodley vs Till

    Check out @MTKGlobal’s Tweet: #EatClean
  9. Silky Kisser

    Biscuit chat

    Forgot these were in the cupboard. What's not to love? I do like how the Caramel sort of keeps it all together and stops crumbs falling off. Solid.
  10. Silky Kisser

    Biscuit chat

    In my eyes, there's not much better than a pack of those Supermarket made, soft, chewy cookies. Still warm. Delightful.
  11. Silky Kisser

    UFC 228: Woodley vs Till

    Despite the awful Scouse drawl, I really like Till. He does have a bit of 'scrap outside the kebab shop' rough and ready feel about him, but I've really been drawn into his confident yet not cocky (imo) personality. I hope he does it. #TeamTill
  12. Silky Kisser

    Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    To add to that, I spoke about the nice, but overpopulated house next door to us on here a few weeks back. 8 humans and 2 yappy dogs. No wonder the poor cat spends every waking minute roaming the cul-de-sac.
  13. Silky Kisser

    Needles & Bloods

  14. Silky Kisser

    Needles & Bloods

    What the fuck? Ive had a needle in the forehead, but this sounds horrendous.
  15. Silky Kisser

    I'm old now

    What's wrong with a pair of *click click* Tweezers or pliers?