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  1. My place has offered a day per week working from home. Mondays and Fridays are hard to come by, but I do enjoy working from home on a wednesday. I don't see it as having to go back to work all over again. I look at it from the point of view that I only ever have 2 days in the office at a time and that is quite refreshing.
  2. Do you use the Defensive mode? Makes it harder for people to auto aim at you and mow you down. I think it keeps your blip off the map too. My misses plays as my male character, so we haven't noticed the auto female griefing. The snow really hammered the animal spawns, but I've found that the size of the lobby you're in really matters. Anything over 15 people and the animals are hard to come by. It's a bit of a ballache, but if you start a legendary bounty (the bear fella is a good one because of its location) and you'll spawn in a solo lobby with a ton of animals... If you have the Hunting wagon, you can fill it up quick then either exit back to free roam with a full load or finish off the bounty.
  3. I've read it's been removed today but I've really enjoyed dicking about in the snow over Xmas on Red Dead and having a crack at the Moonshining. I mentioned before I've been playing it with my misses and she has really gotten into it it. She started off struggling to walk whilst moving the camera, but these days I smile with glee as she navigates the weapon wheel and hops in and out of the menus like she's been playing it for years. Plus I really hate the collector role but she loves it, so having her do all of that leg work really helps. Best game ever.
  4. He looks like he doesn't give a toss what anyone thinks, but actually thinks he looks great all the same. Exactly what a heel wrestler should do. Boss.
  5. Going with a UKFF favourite tonight. A shit load of Aunt Bessie's chips and Yorkshire puddings. All to be drowned in Bisto best. Tidy.
  6. Christmas dinner veg prepping questions... I'm cooking for the misses and her parents this year. They are coming to us around 1pm then we're off to the local for a few hours then back here to cook. I'm conscious of eating quite late so want to get a head start if possible. Proper noob question but am I ok to wash/peel/chop the Potato's, parsnips carrots and sprouts today and leave them in pans of water over night in the fridge? Tomorrow the Potato's will be parboiled and roasted in Goose fat and the carrots and parsnips will be getting a honey glaze and roasted. Am I better off parboiling the Potato's tonight also? Or is that a ballache? Thoughts on pre roasting the sprouts tonight and then just throwing them in a pan with some chopped Bacon and roasted chestnuts tomorrow? Any other tips for preparing tonight would be welcomed. Cheers yall, merry Christmas.
  7. Silky Kisser

    Chippy Tea

    Ah man. Kicking myself I no longer have the video of a mate tucking into a Peters Pie with a pair of scissors.
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