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  1. So I all but cut out gluten and dairy 2 years back due to health issues but I'm finding I can manage a bit of both these days aslong as I don't go mad. I've had a few chippy teas over the last few months and my body is starting to get used to this stuff again. Anyways, I've been dreaming of Lasagna for months now so finally made one again after about 2 years. I got a little excited and ate most of it. It's been a rough morning to say the least, but I regret nothing.
  2. A Rock concert would be a great way of getting Rock on there, giving something for Elias to do, without the insurance people pulling their hair out. No way Angle and Corbin is the final match. Hopefully Big match John gets the nod. The audience certainly made that known.
  3. Apologies if this has already been mentioned or posted, but I'm watching the show now and haven't read through the thread and had to take a pic of this amazing scenario. Zelda fans would definitely agree.
  4. Yeah if Ambrose is staying, then surely he'll want no part of another heel turn which will make him look like even more of an idiot than he already has looked recently. Which is apparently the reason he was leaving in the first place. Him turning again also makes Roman and Seth look like chumps for continuing to trust him. Ludicrous. So they'll probably do it.
  5. Till is such an absolute mouth breather. A true knuckle dragger. I'd love for him to lose to Masvidal then Askren add another loss to his record. If this does go down I'm 100% Team Funky. Here's hoping he walks out wearing a shellsuit to go along with his perm telling Till to calm down.
  6. Fond memories of Fat Of The Land. As a daily event, I'd come home school, stick the album on play, then proceed to put 100 points on Japan playing Jonah Lomu Rugby.
  7. Silky Kisser

    Chippy Tea

    Chinese curry sauce. I'm more of a dunker than a pour all over type, so the thicker consistency is welcomed. Each dip was suitably curry slathered. This Chippy does not fuck about.
  8. I know that, it just strikes me as odd that any mention of JR usually results in the puppy talk. Where say a King conversation doesn't usually turn into an alleged sodomy discussion. As said, it's the new Bossman winning the Rumble.
  9. Are you hearing this second hand then? Because as Arch mentioned, it's never something he sounds proud or happy about. Worth remembering this was atleast 45 years ago too. I'd never condone killing animals (Vegan thread police) But you'd think it was the worst thing to have ever happened involving a wrestling personality whenever it pops up on here judging by some of the responses.
  10. Yeah. For an industry as notoriously sleazy as wrestling, a child being made to do something abosolutely awful by his father doesn't strike me as being on top of the list. It's almost become Bossman winning the Rumble.
  11. Beautiful day today so got out on the big wheels with a mate around Cardiff / Taff Trail. Never skated distance outdoor, but it was great fun. Stunning day today. My feet are in fucking agony now though.
  12. Hot damn. Kind goes hand in hand from Mania years back when we were convinced Roman was winning, only for Seth to cash in. Would be a hell of a moment.
  13. Is there any difference other than having to slice it? I've used the slices, block and pre grated stuff and it's all the same to me.
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