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  1. No Cardiff show in November? Grim. Was hoping to take my Brother again.
  2. Anyone been on? I had a look over the weekend having not touched it since Christmas. Towns seem more populated and the defensive mode makes just wandering around exploring a little easier. Every single person I encountered was in defensive. Didn't see one red dot. Played a little bit of poker. So many people playing without having a clue of the rules/objective. Some dude kept max betting before the flop every hand so I hung around there and hustled. Cleaned up nicely.
  3. Bran came off a super smug prick there. Last episode he said he didn't want anything. Some one should have just asked him about 4 seasons ago who was gonna end up on the Throne. Would have saved a lot of time and effort. Ghost finallly getting that pat on the head was nice. The ending we all wanted.
  4. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, but I find it funny that we're complaining about fans ragging on the product that they supposedly love and support. Then I ventured into the Raw thread.
  5. Iron Bank/Golden Company are a bunch of idiots. You'd be a fool to back Cercei but assuming they won the war, how the hell were they gonna get paid? Cersei was broke already and you'd have to assume the kingdom would be in tatters after the battle. Anyways, really enjoyed the episode and was a little shocked at the backlash online. Cunts everywhere.
  6. A Scott Hall right hand.
  7. My misses refuses to shit anywhere but our toilet or her Mum's. Comical scenes as she's legging it up the stairs after work.
  8. Maffew swings and misses far too much. I still love OSW though. Hits him with a big derrrg
  9. Fresh bed sheets/covers. Edit - Also, fuck Buffets. I once spotted dirty Martin at work exit trap 2 and head straight for the cocktail sausages and pastries that work had put on for whatever reason. Fuck that.
  10. SNES version was better.
  11. Using Chrome on Android... When I get to the bottom of a thread I normally click 'go to topic listing' to return to the main board, but for the last week as soon as I reach the bottom of the page and go to click the link, the page kinda jumps up a few cm's and I inevitably end up clicking 'next unread topic' instead. It's infuriating. Anyone else? @Moo
  12. Anyone else super pissed than John didn't show Ghost any affection at the end there? Not even a fucking pat on the head. Sour faced cunt. Also, I wrongly assumed Tormund would be involved in the big Throne battle. Slightly peeved that they just walking back north to chill. I get that it's not their battle, but after all they've been through together...
  13. @air_raid Apologies, I was referring to the Saudi show specifically, where you're talking longer term. But whatever the Saudi's want on their night, they're gonna get.
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