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  1. Too busy drawing circles in the sand...
  2. Be better if it was Len Goodman....
  3. Whitley Warriors ice hockey still play out of that rink, amongst others.
  4. Was it worded HHH V Taker aka Pedigree Bum Chum?
  5. So was London Arena, Nynex amongst others. Mind you, its quite an easy thing to do - stick a load of boards over the ice and stick the ring on top and away you go. WWE would draw a lot more for the venue than the resident ice hockey teams.
  6. Would be awesome to get a Ronnie Pickering one!
  7. For me it boils down to just a few key points: Believability- Treat the audience with respect and use your talent to their strengths and character. Unbelievability - Keep the suspension of disbelief but also keep it within the realms of realism. Logic - keep it logical to keep the audience invested in what you're doing. Back Up - Always have a back up, just in case.....
  8. Sabine Schmidt the Queen of the Nurbergring
  9. Who are the redheaded females at ringside who always seem to be really into the matches?
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