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  1. Probably the best place to post this, but the gist of the conversation on another forum (stemming from a thread about Punks return) "I am right aren't I? Professional wrestling is like UK pantomime but the characters are all on steroids...?" Then a reply from someone else " I used to be a huge fan back in the 90s but drifted. My passion for it however has morphed now from a source of entertainment through to professional admiration. When people dismiss it as being a load of fake crap it really bothers me. I've been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of work with the WWE's UK brand and my new role sees me carrying that on with their larger brands in future. I've had the chance to see both sides up close and its made me quite defensive when I hear throwaway criticism.To start with, these aren't just actors. They're a combination of actors, live performers, athletes and stuntmen/women. To be a good wrestler they MUST be all those things. They work insanely hard over long hours to perfect their craft. They'll need to remember interview scripts and time them to perfection, before performing dangerous stunts that could go wrong and cause serious injury. The backstage area at a taping often resembles a triage, with guys bleeding, nursing a dislocation or broken bone, or often just strolling round with huge welts on their body from being slapped around. I defy anyone to walk behind that curtain and still think it's 'fake'. It's brutal.Then you've got the set up. They're a tremendously professional organisation who go into every imaginable detail to create an immersive experience that people of all ages can enjoy. There's so many guys behind the scenes all absolutely dedicated to delivering a world class show each time, clearly all passionate. Yeah it's corny on the surface at times, but dig a little deeper and it deserves a huge amount of respect at all levels. Combine all the tough elements of delivering a sports show with the challenges of a theatre production then do it live with 50 leading roles instead of 5 and you're in the right ball park." Good discussion going on
  2. Is it any different to wearing a football/sports shirt though when going to watch them play?
  3. That's where I found AEW, by accident, but haven't looked back and don't have the finances for additional streaming services. It's a good exciting watch each week and 2hrs escapism of the difficulties of real life.
  4. I think the Olympics, Paralympics, Euros and US Open have taken most peoples interest in recent months. Plus of course it's Ryder Cup coming up.
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/boxing/holyfield-belfort-result-fight-trump-b1918562.html Scathing but probably accurate. Shows how much Trump loves America....would rather host a boxing event than go to a 9/11 memorial.
  6. Some of the other 'decisions' listed are hilarious. Does make you wonder what the standard of employees are when writing stuff like this on official forms...
  7. I think maybe they need to chuck out a line of 'at least Tony was here supporting me while you were still off doing whatever it was you were doing in the other place'. To run Cole down a bit from Baker.
  8. Is there enough wiggle room for a split in the DO so we end up with 'NWO/Wolfpack' type split. Those that want to go heel head down that route with someone like Malakai Black and those staying face align with Punk or similar. Creates a reasonable 4v4 or so situation to run for a little while whilst Omega feuds with Danielson and Co. Once it gets too far both sides realise they are stronger together but neither Black nor Punk take full control and they move into an individual feud but DO look lost and rudderless.....until Hangman Page returns and rejuvenates them all and sends them after every title going and in a year or so the Dark Order are at the top end of AEW whilst creating different scenarios with the likes of Black going face. Could be shit but if done well it could be ok for a secondary level feud
  9. It's a good thing that AEW don't run monthly PPV otherwise we'd be thinking 'title could have changed hands 5 times before Full Gear'. Means we get proper build ups and there's a reason for the blow-out match. As it stands, what are we thinking of a card for it? I'm guessing something along the lines of, but could be totally wrong The Bunny&Penelope Ford v Anna Jay&Tay Conti Womens title match Britt Baker v Ruby Soho TNT title match Miro v Jon Moxley Malakai Black v Evil Uno (or DO member) - winner gets control of DO or similar. Tag Titles Lucha Bros v Jurassic Express Trios Title final: Bucks&Cole v Punk/Allin/Sting Hollywood Blonds v P&P(or some other 'filler' tag match) Sammy Guavara v MJF World title Omega v Danielson (Hangman makes the save during postmatch beat down) There's so many combinations or possible routes its hard to predict too much.
  10. Nah, I set another one up to get around the ban πŸ˜‚
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