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RIP Bushwhacker Butch


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Bushwhacker Luke has posted on his Facebook page that Butch has passed away.

Butch was due to join Luke at Wrestlecon this year but was taken to hospital more or less as soon as he arrived in the States.

Very sad news, I had the pleasure of seeing The Bushwhackers live over 20 years ago when they toured with Scott Conway's Wrestling Alliance group. They were lots of fun.

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Ah shit, that's a shame. Genuinely one of my favourite matches ever is the six man from Summerslam '92 with them teaming with Hacksaw against the Mountie and the Nasty Boys. It's been my go to match for years if I'm ever in a slump as it's silly and fun and reminds me of why I loved wrestling so much as a kid. The Bushwhackers were a big part of that, these weird old men that looked like blokes we'd see in the pub but who you couldn't help but love.

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If you've not seen it, Luke's FB post was just perfect.


Late last night, I lost my friend, brother and tag team partner of over 50 years with the passing of Bob "Butch" Miller. My heart goes out to his wife Helen, his lovely daughters Sharon and Kirsten and all of his grandchildren.

From the early-1970s when we were young mates wrestling for John da Silva in New Zealand, my first impression of Bob "The Chest" Miller (as he was called in those days) was that he was a first-class redneck, and what bloody redneck he was! But he was also an all-around good guy and a great friend. By the time we reached our mid-20s, we found ourselves traveling the world together, from New Zealand to Australia to Malaysia, Singapore and Japan, before "invading" the North American territories in Canada and the United States as The Sheepherders.

In 1988 we were in our 40s and still at the top of our game when we got a call from the offices in Connecticut with an offer to join the largest and fastest growing wrestling promotion in the world, the WWF/E- The Bushwhackers were born! As The Bushwhackers we appeared in the largest venues in the world, in front the the biggest crowds professional wrestling had ever seen! And we were eventually honored by our fans and peers with our inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2020. We did it all, we saw it all, and we accomplished it all together.

This past weekend in Los Angeles, Bob flew in from New Zealand to join me for Wrestlemania weekend and the related festivities, neither of us knowing it would be our last days together and his last days of life. If you were to read the story of my life it would say that I am only child, but it would be wrong. In life I had a brother and his name was Bob Miller. I love you, Bob. Until I see you again, WOOOOAHH YEEEEAAHH!


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45 minutes ago, David said:

I watched one of their matches not too long ago on the Network, and it reminded me that these guys used to actually lick children at ringside! Could you imagine such a carry-on happening today?!? Absolutely amazing.

It happened whenever they performed! Luke was at a Bowler show and the footage of him leading a bunch of kids on a bushwhacker stomp around the ring was fantastic!!

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