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FPL 2022-23 sign-ups

Fog Dude

What to do about most top flights taking a mid-season break  

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  1. 1. Looks like we're carrying on during the World Cup, but how should points scored from matches during that time be treated?

    • They should count as normal towards players' total FPL score
    • They should only count towards the FPL Cup or some other secondary competition

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Bloody hell, Champo kicks off in a week and we haven't even got this going yet! That came around quick. I haven't even made a Fantasy League team so far either. Early start this time, and probably a late finish too, considering the FA Cup Final's in June. Yeah, I realise it happened in August in 2020 but that wasn't exactly the original plan. 

The first card will be up in a new thread on the 3rd, in 12 days time. I'll link to the final table from last time once I have better internet in my flat.

I've cleared some space in my inbox. The regulars know the drill. If there are any new players or participants returning after a multi-season absence, then I'll try to get a post with the rules ready, but otherwise I don't think there's any reason to bother people with a wall of text again this year.

I'm giving everyone more than a week to respond to the Qatar 2022 poll this time. It'll close at the end of next month, the same time as registration shuts. MVP RULZ was the only person who commented at the end of last season's thread, and he said we should carry on, so I'm counting that as champion's prerogative. The question is whether that 5-week EPL shutdown should be considered as 'Weeks A-E' or Weeks 16-20 as per usual. 

It's your call. Of note: only Week B/Week 17 will actually contain men's World Cup matches. The rest will be a mix of League One & Two, the National League, Scottish Championship, early rounds of the FA Cup, Scottish Cup & Coupe de France, and the Segunda División. Hope all are okay with that. It's a scheduling thing. Oh, and best of luck to everybody too. On we go... 

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Thanks for all the entries so far. There have been 6 (including myself) so everybody who's posted in here until now is accounted for. 

I've received 5 DMs with unique picks for D2D teams. There's only been one overlap, so somebody is going to have their third choice team in place of their second during the back half of the season. The first 3 D2D fixtures are now all set, whilst the rest have been provisionally allocated to later weeks pending a potential change of kick-off time. Oh, and in case you were wondering, since I made the opening post on Friday I've got better internet in my new place and I've cobbled a Fantasy League team together. So, as promised, here's how it all ended up in the dim and distant days of 2021-22.

A few more little bits of housekeeping: 

  • I'll vote in the poll at the end of next month; for the moment, I don't want to prejudice the result. I can't see how people have voted so if it's an even number by then, I won't know if I'm breaking the tie or not.
  • The 'wildcard' thing will continue this season – one fixture chosen at random, and an extra two points to anyone who gets the exact score right, or if no-one does then it's one bonus point apiece to anybody who gets the correct result. Let's hope there aren't too many dud matches this time, and that I actually remember to do it every week except for bumper weeks. Speaking of which... 
  • ... there'll be two bumper rounds – one in early January and one at the very end of the season, as per usual. There'll also definitely be a double round at Easter (yes, including the traditional Friday games) and maybe one at Christmas as well. International weeks other than the World Cup are in late September and late March. Monday matches are allowed on Bank Holidays, beginning with a pair of National League ties in Week 4.

Right, that's enough for this update. Nothing else is springing to mind yet, no matter how much I stare at the spreadsheet tabs. Do let me know if you think I've forgotten about anything or it's not clear. It's just 8 days, 1 hour and 18 minutes until the first card of the campaign goes live. 

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The only update since the beginning of the week just gone is, well, the post above this one. Last call for a few more of the usual suspects to crawl out of the woodwork before the first card goes up in a smidge over 51 hours time. 

After that, registering here, via DM or in the main thread will be valid but if you don't have valid D2D teams assigned to you by this time next month, you're gone. The only other way to exit the competition beyond then would be either to miss 3 rounds in a row, or to tell me you're quitting.

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