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Promotion Wars Returns


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Remember hiring Kenta Kobashi for the WWF and pushing him as the top star in the company? Well you can do that again, kinda, as there's been a genuine update to the original game with current real world rosters and a bunch of other updates to the engine itself. The latest update was last month with an expansion of UK feds, I can't get the promotion picker to work on my PC but the default choices are all the main companies from WWE and AEW to NJPW and even GCW.

Gonna rob Nick Gage for AEW and have him murder Kenny Omega for the title.


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3 hours ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Managed to grab WALTER from NXT:UK and he squashing people at the moment before his first proper feud. I’m tempted to stick him in a Big Lads Tag Team with Miro at some point

Sounds like the start of some sort of League Of Nations...

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Hadn’t even made the link. An Eastern European Heel Tag Team does seem very 80s though, strong Futurama “We have our own customs, look at our crazy passports” vibes.

I also seemed to underestimating AEW drawing power by booking small venues and losing money on shows as a result. Apparently you can fill a 10,000 seater for Dark and Dark:Elevation no problem

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Ive never played this before, but funnily enough me and a friend are looking to do a booking game on the same computer local coop as it were 

We are looking to use todays rosters but do our own draft using todays talent and create our own companies, belts etc without any of the big companies being active in "our world"

Would this be a good game to do that with and if not would there be any recommendations what would be best for it?

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