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Fury vs Wilder 3 - Oct 9 🥊 🇺🇸


Who wins and how?   

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I think this warrants its own thread, doesn’t it? Only a few weeks away now. It’s not the fight we were being promised. The talk for months was that the colossal Joshua vs Fury fight was finally happening this summer but that rug got yanked and here we are. Still a pretty big deal. Hopefully this shite gets put to bed once and for all this time.


Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder - WBC & The Ring World Heavyweight Titles

Robert Helenius vs Adam Kownacki

Efe Ajagba vs Frank Sanchez

Jared Anderson vs Vladimir Tereshkin 


An all Heavyweight PPV card there. Not bad. I’m sure there’ll be more preliminary fights but I can’t find any information on that at the moment. I’ll update this post if anything else gets added. That’s the PPV though.


Here we go again. This was meant to happen in July but a positive COVID test for Fury shelved it and forced the fight to be postponed. A lot of history here. When was the last Heavyweight trilogy? We’re going back years, aren’t we? It’s not Holyfield vs Bowe surely? But I can’t think of one since. Sure I’m forgetting something really obvious. Anyway, it’s a big one with quite a backstory.


DEONTAY WILDER (c) VS TYSON FURY 1 - WBC Heavyweight Title

December 1st 2018

Los Angeles, California 

At the time, Fury was two fights into his big career comeback. He’d dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in Germany back in 2015 but then went off the rails. He failed a drug test, scuppering the planned Klitschko rematch. Then was gone from the ring for 3 years. In that time away he battled depression, addiction, serious weight issues and has publicly admitted since that he was suicidal. By 2017, he’d decided he was making a comeback. In life and to the ring. He posted this video right at the start of his journey;

It’s easy for people to say now that they never doubted him but that’s bollocks. At this time, I don’t think anyone really took it seriously. He’d ballooned up to about 30st and was coked off his head most of the 2 years prior to this. Over the months that followed though, the weight started to drop off. Every time you’d see him there was a bit less of him and, more importantly, he looked happy again in the gym.


By the time 2018 rolled around, the talk of him fighting again was picking up steam. He’d signed with Frank Warren and dropped about 10st in weight. It was quite a turnaround.


The comeback was on. In June, under his new trainer Ben Davison, he stopped Sefer Seferi in 4 rounds in Manchester. Then in August he outpointed Francesco Pianeta over 10 rounds in Belfast. The choice of opponents drew criticism and he mostly fucked around and toyed with these two, but he’d been gone so long he needed a couple of journeymen types to just knock the cobwebs off. I didn’t have a problem with it. I think the original plan was to do 3 or 4 of these on his return before looking at something bigger. But we got hit with a bit of a swerve.


Wilder vs Fury was on! Wilder had been wrecking shop in Fury’s absence. He’d gone 40-0 with 39 knockouts and had rightly developed a reputation as one of the most devastating punchers in the game. He had his flaws and was never the most pretty to watch technically, often winging haymakers from down by his ankles, but you couldn’t argue with the results. And although a lot of his opposition was suspect, he was coming into this fight off a come from behind TKO over the 109 year old concrete Cuban, Luis Ortiz. For Fury, coming off a long layoff and then beating a couple of nobodies, this was a tough task on paper. But on the night, Fury took him to school. Aside from a knockdown in the 9th, which didn’t seem to trouble Fury much, it was plain sailing. In the 12th round though…


Fury got cracked with a shotput of a punch and hit the deck. He was out. The ref was counting and there was no response. Wilder was already dancing around and celebrating, playing to the crowd. Just another knockout victory on his record. Then all of a sudden;


Fury just sat up like The Undertaker and carried on boxing circles around Wilder as if it never even happened. It’s still mad to watch now but looking back, if you watch the knockdown, Fury kind of goes with it as he’s falling. No doubt it rung his bell, but I think he took a lot of the venom out of it on the way down and was aware of the referee’s count the whole time.

Regardless, it went the distance. 2 knockdowns for Wilder vs 10 rounds of dominance for Fury. Somehow the judges came to the conclusion it was a draw. It baffled me then, it still baffles me now. Although it probably shouldn’t. You watch this stuff most of your life and you almost expect corruption. But it still never fails to make me shake my head. I had it 10-2 to the ‘Gypsy King’ with Wilder’s rounds being 10-8s because of the knockdowns. So 116-110 for Tyson. But even if you were being generous and somehow gave Wilder some more rounds, he’d have needed 3 more rounds on top of the knockdown ones for it to be scored even. There’s just no way he won 5 of the 12 rounds. It didn’t happen. Yet you still get some fans argue the case. I hate calling fights a robbery but this was. All that was missing was the masks, the guns and the striped suits.

Anyway, they both moved on from there. Fury’s 2019 consisted of a TKO over Tom Schwarz in June and a points win over Otto Wallin in September. Again, people whinged about the opponents and I kind of get it. But like I said, I think that first Wilder fight coming so soon wasn’t the original plan anyway. It probably came a bit too early in Tyson’s comeback. I think the only reason Team Wilder went for it was because they didn’t think Tyson would be ready. It backfired and they had to rob him to escape with the gold intact. In fairness to Wilder though, his 2019 wasn’t too shabby. He blitzed Dominic Breazeale in a round in May then knocked out Luis Ortiz again in their rematch in November.


Just brutal stuff. People were giving it the old ‘yeah but Wilder was losing before the KO’ cack but that’s how he rolls. He doesn’t play the points game or fight to win rounds. He’s a knockout artist and he knows it. You could be boxing the head off him for 2:59 of a round but if you drop your guard in that last second it could be the difference between a successful 10-8 round or a painful stretcher ride to the dressing room.

It was time to do it again. 


DEONTAY WILDER (c) VS TYSON FURY 2 - WBC Heavyweight Title

February 22nd 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada 

I don’t think Wilder expected to have to do this. Like I said, I think they took the fight in 2018 with the thinking that Fury was rusty and hadn’t looked all that impressive against two jobbers. He was meant to just spark Fury and forget about him. But with how the fight went and the controversy surrounding the draw verdict, they almost had to run it back.


I had my doubts going into this one. Despite how good Fury had looked in the first fight, there were a couple of things niggling away at me.

1) It was going to be in Las Vegas. That announcement had people worrying about more dodgy judging. The hope had been that the rematch would be in the UK but it wasn’t to be. With another fight in the US, how would Fury win a decision? It just felt like he wasn’t going to get a fair shake even if he won every round.

2) Fury had changed his trainer. From the outside looking in, the partnership with Ben Davison had seemingly gone well and been good for Tyson. There’d been interviews with Fury’s old man where he kind of played Davison’s influence down as just a motivator or hype man but maybe that’s what Tyson needed at this time. Davison seemed like a positive for Fury mentally, and that was a huge part of the battle where Fury was concerned. The new trainer would be Sugarhill Steward. Nobody seemed to know much about him going in. Other than him being the nephew of the late great Emanuel Steward. There was no reason to doubt Sugarhill, but no reason to have confidence in him either. He was a big question mark.

3) Tyson was talking about coming in heavier for this rematch. Presumably with the idea being to go for the knockout and eliminate any opportunity for the judges to rob him again. I got the logic but I didn’t think it’d lend itself well to his style. His biggest strengths were always that he moved so well for a giant and could outbox and outslick anyone in the division. I thought being heavier would hinder that and the thought of him going in there actively looking for the KO against a KO machine like Wilder sounded like a recipe for disaster to me.


Needn’t have worried. Fury battered Wilder up and down before stopping him in the 7th round. Rendering the judges redundant and finally righting that wrong from the first fight. It was the perfect performance and the added weight and change in trainer and all that turned out to be on point. Over 19 total rounds, aside from the 2 knockdowns in the first fight, Fury had taught Wilder a boxing lesson for pretty much every second they’d been in the ring together.

And here’s where things got silly. Wilder started rattling off the excuses. One after another. For days and weeks and months after the loss. Everything got blamed. His suit on his ringwalk was too heavy. His water got spiked. His legs were weak. His bicep was injured. Fury’s gloves were loaded/had padding removed. Fury wasn’t wearing his gloves correctly. Fury was on PEDs. His camp weren’t loyal. Mark Breland was disloyal for throwing the towel in. Ricky Hatton was up to some trickery in the Fury corner. It just went on and on and on. Anything to avoid giving credit to the man who bashed him all over the place. My favourite was when Roy Jones Jr was asked about the ‘heavy suit’ excuse…

Interviewer: Do you think, in fact, that it did probably weaken his legs?

Jones: No. How much did Tyson Fury weigh in at?

Interviewer: 273.

Jones: It was 273lbs of human flesh that weakened his legs.


Roy was having none of it.

Wilder and his fans have been pathetic in their grasping for excuses since the arse kicking last year. Just really reaching for anything. The glove conspiracy was especially mental. The argument was that Fury’s gloves weren’t on properly but 1) that would’ve hindered Fury if anything and 2) the pictures they use aren’t even from the second fight. Wilder sacked Mark Breland from the corner as well for throwing the towel in. The one man who had a clue and Wilder used him as a scapegoat. The whole thing was a bad look.

There was a rematch clause and a third fight was supposed to happen last July but kept getting delayed. Things moved on and it appeared that the Wilder saga was in the rear view. Talk naturally turned towards the big mega fight with Anthony Joshua. It seemed closer than ever and every week we were being promised an announcement was imminent, dates and venues were being thrown around and Eddie Hearn was doing 90 minute interviews with IFL every other day promising us it was happening. Then…it wasn’t. This arbitration judge pops up and reminds us that there’s still the little matter of the Wilder rematch to get done first.


Hearn swears up and down that Bob Arum assured him that the rematch clause had been taken care of and wouldn’t put the kibosh on Fury vs AJ but here we are. Worst thing is, if Wilder wins this they’ll be 1-1-1. Do we then get locked into a FOURTH fight? It’s never ending. Looks like AJ’s fighting Usyk in September now. If they can both get through these fights then maybe we see it in 2022? I don’t know. I’m not getting my hopes up again. And Wilder and Usyk are far from sure wins. We’ll see what happens. 

The third fight is on. It’s a comedown from the Fury vs Joshua monster collision we were supposed to get. I don’t think anyone was exactly clamouring to see these two tangle for a third time. Especially at the expense of the AJ clash. It feels like we got our answer on who was the best fighter out of Fury and Wilder over the course of their two fights. And definitively. Fury outclassed him both times and put him away the second time. But contracts are contracts. And it’s still a hugely important fight. And Wilder being such a vicious puncher will still make it edge of the seat viewing. He’s got no more than a puncher’s chance, but his puncher’s chance is higher than most. They had their bizarre press conference the other week where Wilder sat with headphones on throughout and then they had an awkward face-off.


For 6 fucking minutes they just stared at each other. 

It’s a weird one. I’ve doubted Fury going into both fights with Wilder. Despite always knowing he was the better actual boxer. The first time I thought it was too early into his comeback. The second time I had a bad feeling about the changes he was making. All that plus the threat of Wilder’s punch made me fear the worst. This time I should be confident Fury does a job on him. He battered him last time and Wilder didn’t handle it well and still might be rattled judging by him keeping the headphones on at the press conference. But I’ve just got this sinking feeling that Wilder’s about to kill this AJ fight stone dead. Hope I’m wrong but it’s gonna be a nail biter however long it lasts.

Not massively familiar with most of the names on the undercard there. Few bits and bobs.

• Helenius (30-3) vs Kownacki (20-1) is an alright rematch. Helenius stopped him in 4 back in March 2020. Think that was considered a bit of a surprise result at the time. Kownacki’s looking to avenge his only defeat here.

• Ajagba (15-0) vs Sanchez (18-0) sounds decent enough. I’ve read and seen snippets of both and there’s doubts about how far they can go but it’s two undefeated Heavyweights who are the right side of 30. I’ll give it a look. Sanchez is a teammate of Canelo. And Ajagba’s KO against Brian Howard last time out was pretty sweet.


The criticism on both men so far is that they’ve kind of been fed easy wins. So in theory, this is the first real test for both.

• Anderson (9-0) vs Tereshkin (22-0-1) is a complete mystery to me. Never seen either of them. Anderson was apparently a standout amateur who’s off to a strong start in the pro game. From what I’m reading about Tereshkin he’s not really been tested yet.


That went longer than I planned. How you seeing this one going? All logic is telling me Fury twats him about again but I can’t shake the feeling it’s all gonna go tits up. 

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genuinely can't wait.

As much as i wanted to see AJ/Fury, i think in the back of my mind i always had my doubts it would happen so i never got too excited during all the speculation of when it would happen.

Fury/Wilder III should feel like a comedown from that but its a fight ive always wanted to see, and im glad its happening.

As for a prediction, you have to favour Fury. Outside of a very potent punchers chance you feel he will always beat Wilder everywhere. Fury has already said hes gonna be doing more of the same and just attack Wilder from the off and beat him up. Im genuinely intererested to see how Wilder can counter that? i dont know if its even possible because Fury is just so much bigger than him (Furys talk of extra weight worries me though) and if he puts Wilder on the backfoot you find it hard to see how Wilder lands the money punch.

I'll take Fury to win it, how? im not sure. I do think this will be more competitive than the second fight. Wilder's body language and behaviour is off the rails, but it intrigues me to see how he comes in. He did make mistakes going into the second fight, walking into the ring wearing a 45lb costume is just mental. He was the laughing stock of the boxing world when he used it as an excuse, but its such a stupid self inflicted mistake that he should never have mentioned it. I want the best version of both guys entering the ring.

Roll on July 24th!

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Probably one for the “Reminded of UKFF in real life” thread but in Manchester Arndale there is a memorabilia store. They have loads of signed stuff, from tv shows, films, sports. You know the stuff. They have loads of boxing stuff, I was particularly taken with the signed Mickey Ward glove but I digress

They stock lines of clothing from the “Gypsy King” brand and when I saw this, I immediately pictured @David wearing it. 



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On 7/6/2021 at 6:27 PM, Keith Houchen said:

Probably one for the “Reminded of UKFF in real life” thread but in Manchester Arndale there is a memorabilia store. They have loads of signed stuff, from tv shows, films, sports. You know the stuff. They have loads of boxing stuff, I was particularly taken with the signed Mickey Ward glove but I digress

They stock lines of clothing from the “Gypsy King” brand and when I saw this, I immediately pictured @David wearing it. 



I'd be terribly disappointed if you're not sporting that classy shirt around your gaff, Keith. It's a must-buy!

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20 minutes ago, David said:

I'd be terribly disappointed if you're not sporting that classy shirt around your gaff, Keith. It's a must-buy!

I have nothing but admiration for this. https://tysonfuryofficialmerchandise.com/product-category/tyson-fury-merchandise/clothing/t-shirts/

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😄 take you pick:

* Suspicion around the validitity of the positive test. Tyson's been spotted around Vegas buying cars and having photos taken with fans.

* Joseph Parker being at the UFC last weekend despite being initially reported to also have caught covid in Fury's camp.

* Fury being knocked out in sparring by Efe Ajagba.

* Low ticket sales/lack of interest.

* Rumors that as far as 2 weeks before the cancellation it was known that Tyson was in no condition to fight.

* The arbitration deadline for the rematch being in September, and them wanting to pass that date.

I've seen all of that on twitter in the last week, some have been debunked, some has then had the debunking, debunked 😄

I dont know where i stand on it? I think a falsified postive covid could be possible, people seem to think Triller pulled the same trick with the troubled Teofimo Lopez/George Kamobosos fight. Its just a mess.

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