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So I'm considering revising my subscriptions to On Demand services and was looking for a few recommendations. I've got Network and that's obviously not going anywhere for the time being and have been subscribed to Demand Progress and NJPWorld for a while now. Which promotions or services represent the best value for money and breadth of stuff? Is Highspots worth a tumble?

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PS4 browser is garbage for seemingly everything other than one promotion which I'll get to.

Some more Japanese stuff if you are interested.

ddtuniverse has a load of content including Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, problem is though the website is shite if you stream through the Xbox browser. Weirdly runs pretty well on PS4 since changes made to the site, and I think is the only Japanese service that works on the system at all.

Shows from DDT and it's various other promotions (expect lots of crossovers) are uploaded regularly. Though they recently changed to a "tier" subscription model that can cause confusion.

Keeping things simple "gold" is the back catalogue and live streams. And platinum can be safely ignored (exclusive videos don't seem to be anything worth paying extra for) since it's aimed at Japanese fans that are likely to attend shows.

Also not the most English friendly site but can easily be worked around. Expect plenty of unintentional hilarity from Google translate.

https://www.ddtpro.com/universeĀ (also runs like garbage on my tablet it seems)

Stardomworld is also pretty good and one of the only Japanese promotions that bothers subtitling anything which puts them ahead of most other Japanese promotions. However I think they are due to change service providers soon and the resulting switch will result in most of the back catalogue being lost for an unknown amount of time.

They upload shows regularly though over time/match by match, sometimes they might rush a major match up earlier than anything else but that's pretty rare. Think they edit everything in-house with a small team.

Very English friendly. With a simple site layout and almost everything worth translating being subtitled.

Not PS4 browser compatible.


Other than njpwworld the above are the only other Japanese services that I've stuck with. And DDT have made that difficult to be honest.

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Videos on vod.yourfightsite.com play in the PS4 browser (as well as desktop and mobile browsers, of course).

It carriesĀ content from UK promotions such as Pro Wrestling Chaos, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Britannia Wrestling Promotions, and others. Weā€™ll also have a new channel launching this week from a well-established Scotland-based promotion.Ā 

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Highspots has a great mixture of content. PWG (It's on a 12 month delay which could be a deal breaker to some, but as someone who's only ever followed PWG casually, I'm more than happy to watch shows from years gone by. Currently binge watching 2006 PWG) CZW, Bar Wrestling, North East Wrestling and many more. A huge library of shoot interviews from current day going back at least 15 years. It also has a great deal of ECW Fancam shows. I much prefer watching these over the original ECW content that's on the WWE Network, no dubbing! It also works fine on the Xbox.

NJPW World is the only wrestling service other than the WWE Network that I subscribe to all year round. Joining just under a year ago was one of the best wrestling related decisions I've made. It's always worked fine for me with the Xbox browser and I've never encountered any issues with streaming.

Demand Progress is another On Demand that I sign up to a few times a year for a binge watch of shows. Brilliant Service, I'm due another catch up soon (Still in 2017).

As for services I've considered but never joined. I've been tempted a few times by AJPW TV, but the lack of any old school content is a bit of a buzzkill. I may consider signing up for the Champion Carnival in April.

I know I'd like Stardom World, but I want to sign up at a time when I can do it justice. I also want to see how the site is (and if it still works well on consoles) after they've finished the upcoming provider switch.

ROH Honor Club is another service I've considered, but I'd much prefer if it was one monthly subscription for everything, rather than wanting extra for PPVs. I'm also waiting until they get more archival content up.

I wonder how long it'll be before one of the Mexican promotions like AAA or CMLL jump on the paid streaming service train? I know they both have shows on Twitch and Youtube, but I think the demand for a paid lucha service with archival content (and maybe even some English commentary like NJPW?) is a money mine that is left sitting untapped right now.

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