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Most insane websites... go

Kaz Hayashi

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That's what I had in my head when I saw the title. Nailed on winner. 

Just noticed you linked to the mobile site. I recommend viewing the desktop version for even more wonder. 

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14 hours ago, Kaz Hayashi said:

He’s nailed it hasn’t he? So completely crackers, you’d hire a car from him, just to say you had.

A pal of mine worked there for a bit, hence how I came across it and yes, Ling is the owner/manager and yes, absolutely off his rocker. 

Yeah. Ling’s female 😕

(I’ve known a couple of people work there, too.)

5 hours ago, jazzygeofferz said:

It looks like somebody's learnt html and wants to demonstrate it. There's a decent selection of cars as well. 

The site’s intentionally designed and built that way, which is even more impressive.

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"I am Ling, accept no substitutes" - I certainly won't!

EDIT: Oh, my god - I want a WAH! mug. But I don't know enough cars' insides to win that quiz :(

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