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Draw a wrestler in MS Paint [2017 edition]

Uncle Zeb

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I've a feeling the last attempt to revisit this idea never really got off the ground, but given the news that Microsoft is killing off Paint with a Windows 10 update, this could be our last chance to recapture at least some of the magic of the original thread.

Perhaps what contributed to the last rehash failing to catch on was that it became exactly that - a rehash of the same old images being uploaded again. So let's make a rule against doing that this time. New images only please.

The idea is to spend no more than 5 minutes on your ideally free-drawn non-masterpiece (however Chris Masters is allowed), with no text or labelling, with the point being for other people to try and identify them and perhaps the iconic/controversial scene in which you have depicted them.

If you don't have MS Paint on your computer or tablet or whatever, then other low-tech programs may be used but this is strictly a Photoshop-free zone. We expect your picture to look shit, so don't be shy. As long as we're laughing, whether it's with you or at you, it's all good.

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3 hours ago, Gus Mears said:

3 minutes and 30 seconds. Reminiscent of early van Gogh this. 


I confess to struggling with this one. Not because of the detailed quality, which is top drawer of course, I just haven't watched any wrestling in a while so the obvious clearly escapes me.

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