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Wrestlers who aged badly

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This thread needs some kind of disclaimer because wrestlers are generally odd human beings. Hogan now sort of finally looks his age, although in his 30s, he looked about 60. You need give some of them time to catch up with how they look. So before you post you sort of need to grasp what aging badly is in the world of wrestling. Superstar Graham, Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan, Austin Idol all had that early experimental steroid side affects, of loss of hair and odd looking skin and bags hanging from their eyes. They all kind of finally caught up to what they should look like. So they kind of did age well, it just took them decades to do so.


I'd say the Undertaker looks pretty bad for his age. You'd think he'd look like a cool older biker with a greying beard by now. But instead he looks like a botoxed hag in a dodgy wig. Shawn is a good shout as well. He looks like the Crypt Keeper.


Still waiting for Stone Cold Steve Austin to start the aging process. He looks great for his age.

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Steiners looks perfectly fine for his age I reckon. HBK is a good shout, can't say I agree with Quake.As PSF said he looked ancient at 25, didn't really age any worse after that point.


Taker has aged badly in the last few years


Micheal Hayes as well. In the late 90's as Doc Hendrix he looked fucking ancient and was only mid 30's

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Billy Graham when he returned to WWF in 87 was still in his 30's i think or early 40s.

You have to realise that people like HBK must be nearly 50 so in reality he doesnt look that bad.

It headfucks you as you in your own mind have a perception of how the look or looked.

I think the way to stop ageing is to go bold young, grow a goatie and wear black pants and boots like Austin and Goldberg. They look great.

Raven doesnt look the best considering he was a handsome cunt as Scotty the Body.

PS Hayes at 21 looked 45 and Gordy at 19 looked 40 as well.

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Good call Ian


Some guys just do age weirdly. E.g. Jim Bowen loomed ancient in the 80s in Bullseye yet was only 38 when it started. Same with Sid James he looked old as hell in his late 30s.


Looking back at the Savage vs Jake feud in 91 you'd Neva believe Jake was only 36 and Savage 39.


A good comparator is too look at AJ on his WWF debut and Flairs on his. Only a Couple of years in age difference

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Marty posted a picture on Facebook last night. He got drunk, blacked out and woke up the next day with a womans name tattooed on his thigh.

Cripes he's 57, you'd hope he'd have grown out of this behaviour by now.


There's a cracking story from Honky Tonk on one of his 1000th shoots where an apparently 'teetotal and reformed' Janetty was knocking his door at 3am begging for Whiskey and pills.


Agree he's looked ropey for decades now.


Can't believe I missed out Hall. Guy looked awesome till about 98-99 then just aged terrible and some of his pics he looked shocking (obv we know why)

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