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The UKFF Wrestling Dictionary


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One of my many favourite things about this place is that sometimes a user comes up with a new word or term to describe something in wrestling, and it catches on - but only on the UKFF. It doesn't make it to the wider world, but it means we've got our own special lexicon for things.


The best one at the moment is definitely d-d-daz's "twat siren" to describe the start of Cesaro's entrance. Never fails to make me laugh.


An all-time favourite is "Gabbo build" to describe a really drawn-out buildup for a debuting wrestler.


"Shitarse" is just a word that makes complete sense for a bad wrestler, but even though it's a word I don't come across outside the forum, it's definitely in common usage round these parts.


And of course, "Dem Wans" cannot be forgotten.



Any others out there? Have you got a favourite UKFF word or phrase that makes you feel proud to be part of this excellent place? Let us compile this wrestling dictionary!





The collection so far

Dem Wans - stereotypical annoying smark fans

Gabbo build - buildup vignettes that don't really go anywhere

Internet points - things wrestlers do that Dem Wans like

Positively Eugene - to be really excited by a moment in wrestling

Shitarse - a wrestler whose skills are like a shitty arse

Super Noodle head - Dolph Ziggler

Twat siren - the sound that indicates Cesaro appearances

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Forgive me for not remembering who it was, but a user on here described themselves as being 'positively Eugene', meaning he was giddy with excitement for something. Had me creasing.

That was me, re: Shinsuke's debut at Takeover Dallas. It sounded funnier coming out of Liam on SCG than it did in my head.

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I've heard the term 'Gabbo Build' in wrestling way before it was mentioned on here, we even used it in Triple X when we were setting up the debut of Chase Alexander. Sadly we learned that on a low budget British show a mysterious video suddenly playing on the big screen while someones cutting a promo comes off more like a shitty production gaff than anything else.


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