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LPW Wrestling presents Rise from the Ashes


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LPW Wrestling presents Rise from the Ashes


Sponsored by J B Landscapes LTD & Jimmy's furniture


Harehills Working Men’s Club

Cowper Rd, Leeds, LS9 7AP


LPW Wrestling is pleased to announce are 11th show featuring some of the top waw and LPW wrestlers. 



Ricky Knight Jr vs Alex Young
Sam Knee vs Charlie Windsor
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
The Superflys (Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean) vs The UK Hooligans vs Special Edtion
Robin Lekime vs Aaron Sharp
LPW Women's Championship
Lady Lori vs Penelope vs Violet O'Hara vs Saraya Knight
LPW Championship
Pricilla vs Bash vs Nathan Cruz vs King Kendo



Ticket Prices

Adults £7

Kids (Under 12) £5

Family (2 adults & 2 kids) £20



Line - up subject to change


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Not trying to knock Adam because it's a common thing, even in "major" promotions. But LPW Wrestling reads Leeds Professional Wrestling Wrestling. It's not a big deal but it's always something I find unprofessional.

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Not to be picky, but in a business sense, would you not make the blu rays slightly more expensive/dvd's cheaper than the blu rays?

As an example:

5 dvds for £20
or on blu ray for £25/£30?

or dvds for £15 and blu rays for £20?


Not me having a go, just pointing out something that normally is the case elsewhere. Very rare that dvd and blu cost exactly the same, unless I'm mistaken.

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If you've managed to get them produced for the same price then that's fantastic but when we've created Blurays they usually work out at roughly double to produce compared to a dvd, due to the cost of the disc and the slight increase in box cost. I don't say this often but you should be charging more for the Blu Rays.


None of this is having a go, just some advice but with your DVDs / Blu Rays you're not just trying to make a bit of money to cover the cost of the discs, you're also trying to make back the cost of filming on the day and the cost of getting the discs produced (and that includes everything from someone editing it, to authoring it, to the final discs being delivered to you). Add all that up and figure out what the absolute minimum each disc cost you is. Then figure out how much you need to charge for each disc to make a profit, even a few pence. 

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