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LPW Wrestling presents Rise from the Ashes


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Zak Knight LPW Management has a message for you


Just watching back the last LPW show and I see someone needs to be taught some respect, yeh talking about you Zak Knight running your mouth about Leeds and the women fans so right now I am going to add your old man in the mix yeh Ricky Knight teaming with Jimmy Ocean as The Superflys.


What do you think about that kid?

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Updated Card


Ricky Knight Jr vs Alex Young


Sam Knee vs Charlie Windsor


Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The Superflys (Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean) vs The UK Hooligans vs Special Edtion


Robin Lekime vs Aaron Sharp


LPW Women's Championship

Lady Lori vs Penelope vs Violet O'Hara vs Saraya Knight


LPW Championship

Pricilla vs Bash vs Nathan Cruz vs King Kendo

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