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The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread *MMA Edition*

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Khabib’s grandad got hands bro.  Looks like he’s been ground and pounding brick walls his whole life. 

Just Cyborg taking a selfie while having a cack in the middle of nowhere. Not my proudest wank. 

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The bloke that does my car repairs has hands like that. Pre-pandemic, I'd always shake his hand when I saw him, mainly for that feeling of comparing your hand to your Dad's when you were a kid. He's only about 5' 11" but he wears a size 14 boot. 

I once asked him if he'd ever boxed when he was younger and he said "No, but I bopped a few people on the nose when they'd pissed me off." . I can only assume that those people are either dead or became Voldemort. 

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2 minutes ago, wandshogun09 said:

That’d make me Hornswoggle then. I’m only 5’6” 😂

Same here.

EDIT: Although I'd probably be Little Tokyo or Mascarita Sagrada.

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Ha, that’s class.

Ken Shamrock tweeted this. Catching up with the Lions Den. Tra Telligman and Guy Mezger at the front there. Both looking well, although I don’t remember Telligman’s crazy eyes. 


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