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WWE Fastlane 2016 Spoilers and Predictions

The Clint

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Ambrose V Reigns V Lesnar


Charlotte V Brie Bella


Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch V Naomi & Tamina


AJ Styles V Chris Jericho


Ryback, Big Show & Kane V The Wyatt Family


Kevin Owens V Dolph Ziggler


Kalisto V Alberto Del Rio (Kick-Off)


It seems most likely that Reigns will win the triple threat match as Reigns V Triple H seems to be a lock for WrestleMania. Although it was good to see Ambrose drop the IC title before the PPV meaning there could be a surprise result tonight in the main event.


Charlotte will obviously keep the Divas title as she'll be keeping it warm for Sasha until WrestleMania. 

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That card is pretty diabolical. Nothing at all to get excited about there. I hope the main event has a surprise outcome, but the past 12 months booking has built to Reigns and nothing else.

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I'm looking forward to this show, very much, for I have a packet of Mini Flumps to devour, and I havent had one of them in a very, very long time. They seem pretty difficult to get hold of since the 99p store in town stopped doing them in favour of the considerably more disapointing Haribo Charmellows.


Other things I'm looking forward to include the main event, as long as Dean wins, if not then I am looking forward to the reaction of the fine folks in attendance. Also, the AJ match, a Becky Lynch nip slip and Rene on the pre show should see me pretty happy tonight.

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