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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is very very good
  2. Next up is actually the Manchester show in 2 weeks time, and apparently Jeff Cobb and David Starr have both accidentally already announced themselves as part of SSS16
  3. I think I remember someone telling me they did a Harry Potter one at Cineworld, but instead of it being back to back, it was 1 film per day, for a week
  4. To be fair, each film always shows the credits in full also, and will always have the standard adverts / trailers before the latest release, so there's always a good 20-30 minutes where you can go out and stretch your legs, get some fresh air and use the toilet if necessary
  5. I did a couple of Triple Bills last year (Captain America and X-Men) and both times the 3rd movie (which is obviously the brand new one) was always a bit of a slog. Midnight showings don't bother me so much, and I think a double bill will be easier than 3 movies.
  6. I've booked in at Cineworld for a double bill of both GOTG films next Wednesday night. Really looking forward to it
  7. IF the ROH back catalogue ends up on the network with this, then I'm in
  8. 100% agree with this. Absolutely incredible match. We need Travis Banks on every show
  9. Signed up for Netflix yesterday. Had a quick browse through, and there's so much I want to watch. With this and my wrestling streaming services, I'm pretty sure I will no longer ever leave the house unless I really need to (for example work)
  10. WWE released a statement saying that Swagger hasn't actually been granted his release yet, and when he does, he'll still be under exclusive contract for 90 days
  11. On the subject of Logan, I've booked tickets to see it on Tuesday at Cineworld Bolton, with a start time of 22:23, and although not confirmed anywhere, me and my mate I'm watching this with, believe it could be an X-23 reference
  12. It's also worth noting that apparently all the WWE UK guys are signed on the same deals, and T-Bone is still advertised for the PCW shows, so more than likely, Pete Dunne pulled himself out because of the insensitive comments, as he has stated
  13. I thought it taught me the sign language for Suck It, but apparently, it did not
  14. Tatanka would have a single tattoo and a Ford Ka