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  1. As good as Naito vs Ibushi was, gotta spread the love for Ishi and Goto too. I also really enjoyed Makabe vs Goto. It says something that ZSJ beating Tanahashi was my 4th favourite match on the show
  2. Cracking show again last night, as is the norm for FutureShock
  3. I've had that message 3 times in the last 12 hours
  4. Looking forward to the Lotto Thunder show. Guessing all in the tournament will give us 7 matches, so will there be any other matches on the show? Between Semi Final and Final maybe? Another Adrenaline Title classic hopefully
  5. Looks a decent card. Should be another fun night in Hindley
  6. Missed the Prestwich show earlier this year, but Joey Hayes vs Zack Gibson has me sorting out my plans for a Friday night trip to Prestwich next week. Looking forward to another cracking card
  7. I second this. Really good match last night at FutureShock between Durson and Spud. James Drake vs Joey Hayes was also a bit of alright
  8. He cut his hair well before joining Bullet Club, and was wearing full tights at WCPW a while ago too (in fact the only place I have seen him do so)
  9. Well fuck. That wasn't a bad weekend.
  10. Bear in mind last year it was Eddie Dennis
  11. Cobb and Starr had already announced themselves prior to this
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is very very good
  13. Next up is actually the Manchester show in 2 weeks time, and apparently Jeff Cobb and David Starr have both accidentally already announced themselves as part of SSS16
  14. I think I remember someone telling me they did a Harry Potter one at Cineworld, but instead of it being back to back, it was 1 film per day, for a week