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A UKFFer for every occasion


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In my infinite boredom, plus the fact I’m lonely and have no one to love tonight, I thought this would be a fun idea for a thread. It’s fairly simple, you have to choose a fellow ukffer for various occasions and events. Add whatever you like and choose which member you would like to be with you for that thing.


You really don't have to know the person at all, they may not even be suited to what you choose, its more your perception of them. It may end up as a ukff love in, but feel free to add 'least want to' if you don't want to share the love.


They can be anything you want, as ridiculous as you want, i have gone with fairly simple ones as examples. So, which ukffer would you want by your side during a zombie invasion, or at a wedding with, or even in a threesome? 


Going to a sporting event - Butch: I want to have fun with someone who knows about sports and who would be awesome company without taking it too seriously, regardless of the actual sport it would be fun. Plus there's a chance he may shout at the players in Welsh, which would never not be enjoyable.


Going for a drink in a bar/pub - ChestRockwell: No one comes off as just a nice guy to me as Chest does. He contributes in all the threads, has a good way of thinking and never really gets annoyed by much. Knowing almost nothing about him, i imagine him also being a great wingman who would attempt to make you seem better without having his ego get in the way. 


Going to a quiz night - air_raid: He comes off as the right amount of intelligence without making the entire night shit by taking it too seriously. I also have high hopes for the team name. 


Going to a wrestling event with - Pitcos: The way he describes himself means he probably wouldn't want company, if he did though i would bloody love to go to a WWE event (or better yet, a shitty britwres show) with him. His disdain for most wrestling fans would make the night great, the wrestling would be an afterthought. He also seems to happily enjoy Cena and the stuff which makes wrestling fun. 


Stuck in a lift with - AstroHollywood: My theory being that after an hour or so he will start floating out paranormal stuff about 'this one time in a lift' and stuff like that. Mainly for fun and entertainment but also to freak the other person out. Also likely to know some MacGyver way out of there. 


Perform a bank robbery with - JNLister: The guy is like the internet, surely he will be able to come up with a plan to get in and out without getting caught?! If the plan goes to pot then he can be there talking to the guards for hours about old wrestling to distract them.


Have sex with - GlassSmash: He seems up for it.

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See, Loki, I'm not a miserable prick! Ron says so. Hey.. where is Loki? I haven't seen him post since I think the dog pic incident...?


Umm.. to answer the question. I reckon I could chill and have a spliff with Bellend Steve.


Also I'd like to go on a nice long hike with Pat and Mr Seven, only I'd bail at the last minute and leave the two of them to do it together.

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Edit: Misread the post.


Hey.. where is Loki? I haven't seen him post since I think the dog pic incident...?


I heard rumours that he made a fortune off the Loki Pokey arsehole unblocker and is living the dream somewhere abroad now.



Back on topic:


Go to a wrestling show with air_raid.


Go for a pint with Butchi.


Smoke crack with SpursRiot.


Talk about the world and politics with Keith Houchen.


Throw a brick through Glass Smash's window.


Watch a Wrestlemania DVD with HarmonicGenerator.


Play scrabble with King Pitcos.

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Yeah when did wrestling forums become so touchy feely? In my pomp it was just people calling each other spastics 24-7.

I think it was when Keith Houchen stopped being a porn star and cared too much about wimmin for a bloke.

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