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UKFF: The Movie

Scott Malbranque

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Class post.


My film would be Carry On Posting feat.


Bernard Bresslaw as Butchi

Sid James as Gladders

Charles Hawtrey as Loki

Kenneth Williams (with hair extensions) as Houchen

Leslie Phillips as Woi

Frankie Howerd as neil

Windsor Davies as Ian

Terry Scott as Pitcos

Jim Dale as Surf Digby

Jack Douglas as BazTNM


and obviously... Barbara Windsor as Chest

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Obviously I would be played by a young Swayze, as I basically am the UK Bodhi from Point Break.


Limmy as bAzTNM. Nobody else could fully get across the comic grimness of his posts about Glasgow.


Moo would appear in the clouds, like the animated God from Python's Holy Grail.

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