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UKFF Fantasy Wrestling Draft


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Simples. If you were starting a promotion, pick 10 people who you'd have on board if you had the pick of the bunch. And tell us why you are picking them. For example if you pick John Cena and Homeless Jimmy, you might need to explain what Scruffy James is bringing to the table. I'm allowing tag teams as one pick (in true WWE draft stylee). So if you pick Goldust and Stardust, you can have them as one.


Hopefully we'll get some discussion going with the new forum design.



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I'd concentrate on two titles. A heavyweight title and tag titles. I'd abuse Ian's rules to get a few tag teams who can mix it in the singles picture too.


John Cena - most marketable full time pro-wrestler there is. Guarantees big matches that deliver.


Roman Reigns - perhaps a risk that he's just the result of the WWE machine but I'm buying him. Incredible look, charisma in his work and big man moves that people believe.


Dean Ambrose - great talker, solid worker and versatile enough to go heel or face and work with anyone.


Sting - you can still sell him as a guy WWE have never had. He's unique in US wrestling and he'd set you apart. Great figurehead and part-time worker.


Wade Barrett - got to have some British interest and Barrett is the most talented guy from our shores for me. Great talker, slimy heel, good worker and talented enough to lose to others and stay over.


Lana - she'd do ring announcing, managing, interviews, whatever. Just to have those legs on TV. She's money.


Beer Money - incredible tag team and two great individuals who'd give you fresh big matches.


The Dudleys - Bubb is a main event talker and great heel while the team are established and have been popular. Devon could do singles jobs.


Harper and Rowan - a creepy big man tag team short term. Potentially at least one main event act in the longer term.


The Usos - a specialist team. Innovative work and a great back story.

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Biggest name in wrestling and able to talk people into buildings. Self explanatory really.


Triple H


Pretty much the best in-ring Legend/Icon type who's active in wrestling. Better value than the likes of Sting, Hogan and Flair as he can work as well as ever while having that status as the consummate veteran and obvious Hall of Famer.


Dean Ambrose


My favourite current thing in wrestling. Nutbar upper-carder or even top face. Plenty of directions this guy can go. Young, versatile and as much upside as anyone.


Austin Aries


A guaranteed great go-to guy for a solid to excellent match. Fine as a face and great as a heel. Perfect midcard heel champ.


Bad Influence


The funniest act in wrestling when they were allowed to be. A team to build the tag team division around and to get new faces over. Fast enough to go with the young guys but also great at the promo and character stuff. Brilliant all-rounders to have on the team.


Daniel Bryan


One of the hottest faces in pro wrestling if he can stay healthy. 


Bo Dallas


Really young and very talented. Already one of the highlights of WWE. Plus he's getting over because of his character and promo skills, so if he stays injury free he can have a nice long career and make everyone lots of money.




Because he's Shingo and he's awesome.


AJ Styles


Too good to not be on everyone's TV. He can work with anyone, anywhere on the card and make both guys look great. An excellent team player with a built-in fan base.


Rene Young


Sexy, intelligent and she knows her wrestling. The perfect host/presenter to kick off your shows or do all the backstage stuff. Web-shows, blogs, twitter etc... she's the public face of the production side of the company. The Michael Cole (if you weeeel).

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I will assume that we have a time machine for this draft. Otherwise...my roster might be a bit unfortunate.


10) The Undertaker('nuff said. We're going purple gloves/early Ministry era, where I feel he was one of the best workers, ever.


9) Hayabusa(I've always felt that Undertaker worked best against smaller guys, but Vince's hardon for big powerhouses never let that be anything more than a one-time match. But such a great worker like Hayabusa, I feel we could get a real rivalry out of this.


8) LuFisto(The best bridge between the upper midcard and the lower card. Plus, she'll bring hardcore to the fed along with Hayabusa, something I've always been a sucker for. ECDub ECDub ad nauseum.)


7) RVD/Sabu(No explanation, I just think they worked great together.)


6) The Steiner Brothers(Hell yeah, did you ever see Scott in his prime, along with Rick? This should be self friggin' explanatory, baby.)


5) Raven(With Undertaker inevitably turning face because that can't be stopped, we're gonna need a good heel or three. Well, what about Raven? I always liked Raven, and he's got that link to hardcore garbage that I always love. <3 )


4) Antonio Inoki(With all these chairs, barbwire and thumbtacks flying all over the place, we need some solid non-weapon work to change all that. Why not start with the best of the best, the Legend himself Inoki?


3) Ultimo Dragon(The Last Dragon, the last pupil of Bruce Lee, before they dropped that backstory. One of my all-time favorites, I practically worshipped the man back in WCW.)




1) La Parka(This was my first favorite wrestler in WCW. I will always include him in every single wrestling list I ever do. Always.





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"Pick of the bunch"- means we're able to choose any part-timers to use how we like, I'm presuming? If that's all well and good:


Brock Lesnar:


Top heel, cross-over star, in my fantasy realm Brock agrees to more dates. He can work with anyone and is a lot more versatile than I feel he is given credit for.


Chris Jericho:


One of the top faces, also has cross-over appeal, can talk, wrestle, great as a face or heel, can work with and put over anyone, rarely gets injured or injures other, great company man.


Paul Heyman:


Paul would be the ultimate asset to a start up promotion. Could work as a manager, commentator, creative writer/booker. He'd be my GM/colour commentator.


CM Punk:


He'd bring that crowd that still chants for him after being gone for 6 months, hopefully rested and rejuvenated. Could be a pain in the arse to have working for me, but he'd be able to produce at a high enough level to put that aside.


Jeff Hardy:


I was tossing up between having Jeff Hardy or Seth Rollins as the token face high-flyer. Seth's younger and no known issues with drugs etc., but Jeff shits all over him with popularity and charisma.


Bray Wyatt: 


Probably the best promo/character in WWE, his wrestling has caught up to his verbal work in a big way. A great heel that may be able to tweak some of those "cult leader" characteristics to be a very effective face.




Very talented in the ring, I think a much better promo/character as a heel (or edgy face), and has age on her side.


The Usos


Best tag team in WWE now that the Shield have disbanded, and their charisma has started to shine through in recent months.


Sami Zayn


Just a delight to watch. One of my favourite talkers at the moment, his delivery is so refreshing, he seems completely natural in all aspects. I don't know if he'd be a main event player, but definitely a long term IC champ.


Daniel Bryan


In a world where Brock Lesnar can work 300 days a year, Bryan can be healthy and the centerpiece of my promotion. At 31 years old, he's got more years to give than John Cena would, plus his popularity worldwide is still large even while injured. He might not be at Cena's level, but I think WWE's cash cow is starting to slow down.

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CM Punk


I've always loved Punk, his wrestling skill and his charisma on the mic have always made me a big fan of his. Sadly he does seem to have a little bit of an attitude at times but we could use that to our favour and have him as the top guy but make him a bit of an antihero, someone who doesn't side with faces or heels and just goes after them all.


Daniel Bryan


Bryan, again like Punk, has an amazing wrestling skill and fans love to get behind him, he has fans jumping out of their seats with "Yes!" chants and pointing. I think he'd definitely fill the spot as our company's top babyface.


Brock Lesnar


We need a monster heel, someone who can make a quick appearance and get the whole arena going crazy with anger at the same time as causing destruction in the ring and all over the place in a matter of minutes. Brock would obviously be Punk and Bryan's biggest rival and threat, going against two top guys (who aren't really physically huge), that the crowd love to cheer he would be seen as a dangerous monster and get the crowd very riled up.


Bray Wyatt


He'd be on the cusp of making it to the big Title and probably be holding the mid-card Title, I'd basically have him as he is but even creepier and make him seem much more of a threat. Think how they treated Undertaker in the 90s when they wouldn't have him out of character off screen and I would only have him in serious promos and situations at all times. His objective would be to cause chaos and take over the company at the same time.


The Wyatt Family


Harper and Rowan would be aligned with Bray and be the bad guys of the Tag Division, I'd have them much like Bray, creepier and much more of a threat.


Seth Rollins


I'd have Seth as the other guy who is on the cusp of making it to the big Title but feuding with Bray for the mid-card Title. He wouldn't necessarily be a face or a heel in what he says or does, meaning he wouldn't pander to the crowd but obviously feuding with heels he would be cheered by the crowd. His high flying style seen in The Shield vs The Wyatt Family six man tag matches in WWE make me pick him over his two ex partners and I think his look is really good with the blonde and black hair and I'd keep him in his riot gear as opposed to what he wears now.


London & Kendrick


These guys were one of my favourite tag teams ever, just for their high flying moves and I genuinely was a fan of both of them as singles competitors so together I thought they were brilliant. They'd be my top babyface team and I would have them compete alongside Rollins against Bray and the Wyatt Family in six man tag matches. Rollins, London and Kendrick as a team would be absolutely crazy.


AJ Lee


AJ is one of the best female competitors at the moment and I would have her as a babyface and have her as the top woman in the Division, looking very cute and sexy skipping around but also being able to back herself up in the ring.




I would have Paige as a bit of a mystery, a loose cannon really as you wouldn't really know what to expect, she'd be an antihero who sides with the faces but at the same time if it is in her interest to hurt or beat up a face then she'd have no problem with that. I think I'd do the frenemy route WWE have now between her and AJ, with both of them teaming together against my next pick but also fighting each other for the Title.


The Beautiful People


Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Like AJ and Paige both of these women are very sexy so my whole Women's Division is made up of very good looking ladies who are also all very talented in the ring. I'd have The Beautiful People as big heels, doing their whole paper bag routine and so on. Both of them could be going for the Title and they would also be in tag action against AJ and Paige, who would team up and put their differences aside to try to stop and put The Beautiful People out of the picture. 

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I'm running a smaller fed so I'm going for midcard or below.


Mark Henry - Because that's what he do. Monster top heel, splitting wigs.


Chris Masters - Blowjob babyface and top guy. Legendary selling ability to compliment Mark Henrys wig splitting style.


Jerry Lawler - Still one of the best, can go bth ways. Would probably go with him as a veteran face.


Dustin Rhodes - Another veteran who's still great. Would be used as Dustin and not Goldust.


Adam Cole - Young Cocky heel, super worker. Sky would be the limit aftrr working with my vets.


Matt Hardy - Looked brilliant this year, conquored demons, can fill any role on the card.


Doc Gallows - Is a grizzled young vet. Believable and great brawler. Match with Rhodes would make me cum.


Jeff Jarrett - My heel veteran.


Cliff Compton - Hysterically funny. Would be aligned with Gallows.


Eric Young - Solid worker. Position as North Americas Robson Green may sell more tickets.

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Starting smallish/midish


Project Ego- Can work face/heel with no problems, both great singles guys in their own right meaning much more can do with them


The Dusts (Gold/Star)- As above really, both can work singles and tag with no issues face or heel, guys who can go and have good/great matches


The Hardys- Matt and Jeff have finally cleaned up their acts, both are on fire, relatively and both have star power that can bring bums on seats. Again can work single or face or heel should need arise.


Austin Aries- Fantastic worker, great on the mic, can go with all sorts, electrifies when he is on fire


Akira Tozawa- Brutal, frenetic, fast paced, fantastic, can work with anyone nearly

Aerostar- just because we need some flips and boy can this guy do flips.


Uhaa Nation- Big 'green' superhero who everyone can get behind 


Mark Henry- Battering the snot out of everyone


Dave Mastiff- Big guy who can also batter the snot out of everyone


Jonathan Gresham- Small, but powerful. Surprise package.


There, a good mix of styles, star power, good wrestlers and exciting possibilities!


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My roster is still clearly the best. We're making BANK at the gimmick table.


Anyone else who just fills 60% with the WWE upper card is a raving bummer.


Would have worked better if the idea was to make an alternative promotion, I think. Otherwise you're going to pick the hottest talent - which is those on top of WWE.

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Stupidly giving myself a non-WWE rule because otherwise I'd just take their guys.


Mascarada Dorada - Flippy guy with mask. The kids would move him because he flips and has a mask (money) and the everyone else would love him because he's probably one of the flashiest and most graceful flyers in the world. He can have a damn good main event when in there with someone good too.


The Hardys - With the tag rule you pretty much have to pick up these two. You've got a great tag team or a guy who can be a great blue eyes and another who can be a great detestable wanker. Shame they can't work against each other for toffee.


Chris Masters - You can put him on the poster, you can put him on telly, he can go in the ring and he's good at being bad or good.


LA Park - I guess this kinda depends where we are but if he gets over, and he carries himself like a star so I don't see why not, then he's capable of having a few big matches a year. If not then whack him in the middle of the card and people will still go "look ma, a wrestling skeleton!"


Bad Influence - Amusing and athletic and I need another tag team and I don't really know who else to pick. I've seen one ReDragon match, it was alright, I don't really want the Young Bucks and I don't want Jack Evans so I'm a little stumped. I'd possibly go with the Timesplitters instead as I like the gimmick and Shelly could probably be more versatile.


Prince Devitt - Not because he's athletic, although he is and that's handy, but because he gets 'it' and is a good looking bloke. His interference filled matches are the best thing New Japan has ever done and he always makes an effort with his appearance. That's half the battle. The other half is look. Him and Masters are attractive and the blokes beyond this ten would probably be sexually attractive too. New Japan has gone that route with some of their guys and it's clearly a sensible thing to do.


RUSH - Another luchadore but people hate him, like really hate him. He's brilliant. Few people draw heat like he does. He doesn't need to speak English to be hated either, he just needs to be angry, have his 80s hair do and pretend to kick people's heads off.


Hanson - Bit of a gamble here as I've only seen a couple of his matches but he has a great look. That's enough for me.


And then I'd get a couple of talkers but I have no idea who. I'd say Lawler but I'm not really sure how I'd feel about him wrestling (due to health not anything else) on my watch. I'm trying to pick non WWE guys which doesn't help. Although if I'm a smaller promotion and I'm worried my sound equipment will be shit than I know the above guys don't really need to talk to get their character across. I'd have Don West too. Does he count as one of the ten? He worked hard for TNA, was a salesman and has an infectious enthusiasm which is better than cool, detached cynicism. If he counts than maybe I'd somewhat cheat on my own rules and say Sting. He's a good ambassador for the brand, good on the stick and if I asked him to have one or two matches a year he'd put on a good enough show. My roster seems far too old then though.


Edit: Oh and I have a raffle every show. People are always stupid enough to buy raffle tickets. And I put on shows for seniors. Because they won't worry about being cool and will buy my raffle tickets.

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Good idea, here's mine:


1. Roman Reigns- He pretty much has it all doesn't he? Great look, decent psychology, great in ring and his promos made not be the strongest, but they are still pretty damn good. 


2. Samoa Joe- I know, I know I'm such a loser. But the truth is, I still rate him. When motivated he can put on fantastic matches and can cut a pretty cool promo. He's tarnished quite a bit now, but I'm sure in front of a fresh audience Joe can deliver. 


3. Randy Orton- It's Randy Orton. He's bloody good at being a massive prick and has fun matches. 


4. Beer Money- Tag team rules. Both are fantastic wrestlers and characters, they could split later and develop into stars again. I really rate them both. 


5. Bad Influence- Probably the best team in the business right now. Entertaining as hell with still plenty in the tank, decent in the ring too. I'd definitely keep them heel for a while.


6. Grado- Needs a little bit of comedy and whose better at that right now? Plus he's proven he can step it up a gear and have a really good match with people. 


7. Steenerico- I really like this team and both look great in the ring right now. I really would enjoy seeing them again. 


8. The Kartel- Don't seem to get much attention these days, but both look hard as fuck and are decent in the ring. I also think they might bring something a little different.


9. Tyler Breeze- He's a really good wrestler and to start with I could see him being a foil from my comedy Grado. 


10. Alicia Fox- I think she's my favorite woman wrestler right now. Fun matches, great character and just look gorgeous. Screw AJ Lee (Can't stand her, at all!) Alicia Fox has it all.  

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