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WWE November 2014 Tour Dates


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Apparently as follows:


Wednesday 11/5 - London, UK at Wembley Arena

Thursday 11/6 - Cardiff, Wales at Motorpoint Arena

Thursday 11/6 - Dublin, Ireland at the O2 Arena

Friday 11/7 in Birmingham, UK at LG Arena

Friday 11/7 in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Odyssey Arena

Saturday 11/8 in Manchester, UK at the Phones 4g Arena

Saturday 11/8 in Minehead, UK at the Butlins Arena

Sunday 11/9 in Nottingham, UK at the Capital FM Arena

Sunday 11/9 in Leeds, UK at the Leeds Arena

Monday 11/10 Raw taping in Liverpool, UK at the Echo Arena

Monday 11/10 in Bournemouth, UK at the Bournemouth International Centre

Tuesday 11/11 Smackdown taping in Liverpool, UK at the Echo Arena

Tuesday 11/11 in Brighton, UK at the Brighton Centre

Wednesday 11/12 in Paris, France at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy

Wednesday 11/12 in Newcastle, UK at the Metro Radio Arena

Thursday 11/13 in Madrid, Spain at the Palacio Vistalegre

Thursday 11/13 in Glasgow, Scotland at the Hydro

Friday 11/14 in Milan, Italy at the Mediolanum Forum

Friday 11/14 in Braunschweigh, Germany at the Volkswagen Halle

Saturday 11/15 in Boizano, Italy at the Boizano Palanoda

Saturday 11/15 in Frankfurt, Germany at the Festhalle


I love how Brighton and Bournemouth are getting shows. Feels like 1993 again.

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Very tempted to make the Bournemouth show.


What the situation with the roster on that date as there is a TV taping happening on the same day up in Liverpool?


I presume they will split the roster for the most part, with the bigger names being on Raw or maybe like a Cena or Orton or Bryan pulling double duty by being on early on Raw to make the house show by private jet

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As someone who lives down the road from Brighton this is excellent news for me! Have they actually ever held shows at the Brighton Dome, or in Brighton?


I'm pretty sure the April 1992 European Rampage Again Tour had a show at the Brighton Centre.

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Didn't Liverpool have shite attendence at their previous tapings? I was hoping Brum would get RAW this year, after the last house show I'm not sure I could buy tickets to another.


The Smackdown tapings did.


The Raw taping the night before was fine and basically filled the seats' set up. It's a relatively small arena anyway, with an 11000 capacity, but once the RAW set is in, it seats around 7000 for a tv taping.


I think Liverpool got the nod again because the arena is in a really nice area, by the waterfront, with loads of great facilities, hotels, restaurants, touristy things, etc. I remember at the time of the last Liverpool tv tapings, a lot of the WWE personnel all spoke about how great the area was.

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Smackdown at Liverpool was really poorly attended, but so are most Smackdowns in this country these days, even London. Anywhere in America actually. Was a great show though, one of the best WWE shows I've been to in this country.


I was 4th row at the last Smackdown in Liverpool, and had no one behind me, at all. It was a bit strange, but it's pretty common. I would think it's partly why it's taken them 3 years to go back, but I wouldn't have thought it would put them off completely. As someone else said, it's a really nice modern arena in a really nice area in a big city. As long as Raw is still shifting tickets there's no reason not to do it there.


Would love to go to the Brighton show, as I've never been to Brighton and that'd be a good excuse to go, but it's on the same day as Liverpool.

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Just booked an apartment for the Monday and Tuesday night in Liverpool. Going to go for floor seats as close to the front as possible for both Raw and Smackdown. In all the Wrestlemanias and Raws I've been to I've always been in the tiers, never ringside.

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