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GTFO! Award 2013



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I hate Dolph Ziggler. I hate Mr Anderson too, but finally gave up on watching TNA altogether in the autumn.


I would have given Anderson my vote but I too have given up altogether on TNA. Dolph's not had a good year, but I went for Curtis Axel. I know he's quite good at wrestling but not one tiny bit of me would ever be interested enough in him to want to watch one of his matches.

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I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but, there's just something about Kofi Kingston that bores the tits off of me. Apart from the odd Acrobatic-ish spot (Rumble, Money in the Bank) and the Orton run years ago, I don't think I've enjoyed anything he's done. He's solid in the ring and possibly has potential, but, whenever his music hits it just makes me want to fast forward.

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