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WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Show 14/01/2013

Shane O' Mac Version 2

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We have what should be a milestone show next week, the 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw, the WWE's flagship show. 3 hours of what could be a wildly entertaining show, with the potential for many surprise returns and major developments for the 2013 Royal Rumble.




Confirmed for the show:


* The Rock appears in a special "Rock Concert" (I personally wish he'd bring back the leather vest, but I doubt it)

* WWE Divas Championship: Eve vs. Kaitlyn (great first match to advertise, seriously where was the hype for this show?!?)


WWE has released the following press release to PWTorch, complete with some interesting facts (and others not so interesting):


Monday Night Raw made its cable television premiere on January 11, 1993 and is the longest running weekly episodic program in U.S. primetime TV history by number of original episodes. Other scripted television shows that have celebrated significant milestones include: The Simpsons (24 seasons), Gunsmoke (20 seasons), Law & Order (20 seasons), Lassie (19 seasons), ER (15 seasons) and Bonanza (14 seasons).


- When Raw debuted on January 11, 1993:


A gallon of gas was $1.11, a dozen eggs was 0.87 cents, movie tickets were $4.14, and stamps were 29 cents. ... The #1 movie in the U.S. was A Few Good Men. ... The #1 song in the USA was "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.


- Monday Night Raw has aired 1,024 episodes and 2,089 broadcast hours.


- Raw has been viewed 4 billion times by people in the U.S. over the past 20 years.


- As the largest traveling cable television show, filming episodes 52 weeks a year, WWE has logged more than 700,000 miles in North America traveling to broadcast Monday Night Raw .


- In 2012, if a fan in a Toyota Corolla wanted to take a road trip to see every broadcast of Monday Night Raw in North America, he/she would cover approximately 46,763 miles and it would cost approximately $4,796.55 in fuel.


- Since 1993, WWE has served Superstars, Divas, and crew at Raw approximately 169 tons of meat, 51 tons of potatoes, 8,000 cases of vegetables, and 500,000 cookies.


- New York City (27) has hosted the most episodes of Monday Night Raw followed by Cleveland (18), Atlanta (17), Boston (17), and Chicago (17).


- 12 production trucks, 8 crew buses, 5 talent buses, 2 television trucks, 1 satellite truck, and 1 generator truck are used each week to broadcast Monday Night Raw.


- To put on a show each week, the production utilizes 33,000 feet of cable, 79,872 individual bulbs in the HD set, 2,800 pieces of pyro, 12 cameras, and 48 speakers.


- In the show's 20-year history, 17 World Championship triumphs have taken place on Monday Night Raw with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin winning three titles and The Rock and Triple H winning twice.


So despite being disappointed by the hype thus far, I believe a strong show will be produced, buoyed by the solid ratings from last week with The Rock's return and the TLC match for the WWE title. As far as returns go, I'm predicting Stone Cold, because he was unable to make Raw 1000 and is a huge part of Raw's success; Undertaker, as he was on the first ever Monday Night Raw; Triple H, also a Raw staple; and Shawn Michaels, because seriously, there's no way he appears on a NXT and doesn't do Raw. Feel free to think more outside the box than I did. :p


Discuss :)

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Anyone else bored of these shows. They are clearly going to bring out loads of old stars again and remind everyone how stale 80% of the roster is.


I agree with this to a certain degree.


Its the problem of the amount of limitations to put to the roster these days. Antonio Cesaro for example is really impressive in the ring but his character is so bloody bland. A promo in several languages isn't going to make you a great heel. They need to give the roster certain characteristics which seperate them apart from each other.


But to your original question, the bringing back of old stars really shows how bland the current crop of guys are.

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I read the following rumour somewhere but don't know where. It's about what might happen on the show so spoiler tagged, just in case.


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

Apparently, WWE want to do an Evolution reunion after doing the DX one on RAW1000.


[close spoiler]

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Under current circumstances, wouldn't Evolution have to come out as a face group which isn't their way really but it could be used to give Orton the heel turn he's desperate for.


Orton, Flair and Triple H all come out hugging and high fiving each other, only for Orton to get his heel turn by hitting the RKO on both Hunter and Ric before Batista comes out (to a giant pop) and kicks shit out of the Viper or indeed helps him by hitting a Batista Bomb on Triple H.

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Ric Flair returns, Evolution reunites, Orton turns heel and Batista returns and makes the save before turning heel himself all in the same segment? The fuck?


Flair has already returned, less than a month ago.


Batista doesn't make the save and turn heel. It's one or the other, hence the word "or" in the original post.


And it'd give Orton the perfect opportunity to turn heel.


That's "the fuck"

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So you would kill off the Evolution reunion angle, make Ric Flair an after thought, put Triple H in an angle he doesn't need to be in, waste Batista's return by having him run out in a segment which features a major heel turn and then render Orton's heel turn meaningless by having either Batista turn or give him a good kicking. A thousand things are happening in one segment. And it would probably happen earlier in the show because Rock and Punk is the main portion of Raw. I wouldn't hold my breath on any of that happening.

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