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The 8th annual UKFF NFL Predictions League is back for the 2012 season and I'm hoping this one's going to be the biggest and best one yet.


For newcomers to the league, it's simple to enter - all you have to do is click on the link above, register with a username and password then make your predictions each week. If you played last year, there is no need to register again.


As for making your predictions, that too couldn't be simpler. For the team you want to win type '1' in that team's box and a '0' in the other. So, if you want the New York Giants to win the opening game of the season, it should look a little like this....


New York Giants 1 0 Dallas Cowboys


There are no 'TIE' options, we simply go for win or lose as tied games are so rare it wasn't worth including.


For those of you new to this, we change things up a little when we get to the playoffs but I'll explain that when we get further down the line.


In the meantime, you've now got 3 days to register before the start of the season........the deadline is 1.30am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (UK Time). I will amend/update the deadline after that game so if you miss the first game, there's still a chance of getting in predictions for the remainder of Week 1.


Finally, here's the list of past winners:


2005: hbk4life

2006: hbk4life

2007: JFFC

2008: johnnyboy


2010: SpykeDudlei1

2011: Horrorshow

2012: ???


Good luck and shout if you have any questions!


NB: Unlike previous years, at the request of the mods there won't be separate posts for each week. All Predictions League-related posts/updates etc will be including in this thread. I'll ask if it can be Pinned but not sure it will.

Edited by SpykeDudlei1

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I'm in again.

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Just as an aside, Week 1 starts tomorrow night and Sky still doesn't have a deal with the NFL. Same shit as last year.

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I spent weeks looking for this, I was thinking it was a no go this year

Are there still bonus points if we manage to get a perfect score?


Im in!!

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