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Describe a match in 6 words.


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Stolen from twitter's describe a film plot in 6 words.


Double clothesline, missed legdrop, new champion.


Dibiase, Bulldog, Flair, 27 more. Flair.


Suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, choke. Overturned.


"Bah gawd, he's broken in half."


Bulldog blows up, Bret carries greatly.


Sharpshooter. Blood. Austin rules. Bret sucks.

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900lb giant slammed; died next day

Simmonz unclads, turns, unclads, was swerve

Dirtbike loses mask, then loses teeth

Ali and Inoki draw, audience loses

DiBiase plus numerous stips carry Duggan

Heenan asks whose side Hogan's on

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