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The UKFF's 50 Favourite Films 2012 - The Results!

Devon Malcolm

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John Cusack is in it isn't he?


He's not. But he's in this....




Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)




People wot put it in 1st place: 0


IMDB Rating: 7.4


What's it about?


Hitman John Cusack gets sent by his sister on a job to his home town that coincides with a school reunion and falls again for Minnie Driver. No, really. Dan Aykroyd gives chase, fat.


What do we say?


"It manages to make Minnie Driver seem absolutely adorable."


Mr. Seven pointing out the truly miraculous thing about this superb crime comedy. No-one and nothing else has come close to managing it since, so it was clearly a complete fluke and we're not missing out on something wonderful in her. So just how did director George Armitage manage that?


I've no earthly idea. But coming off the back of another superb cult crime comedy in Miami Blues, he crafts a really exceptional film that while admittedly weighed down by a real crap pun of a title, manages to pull off the delicate balance of crime and comedy without tipping the balance too far one way or the other.


That's always the key to a cross-genre film like this. You spoon in too much of one thing and tonally it all falls apart. It helps when you have gifted comedy actors like the Cusacks and Aykroyd as well as the awesome Alan Arkin as well as Jeremy Piven and Hank Azaria on board, but crucially they have ALL shown their abilities in more dramatic offerings as well so they can handle it when it's not being played for laughs.


Completely delightful in places, comically brutal in others, it's just a terrific film and it's good to see it on the list anywhere.


Can somebody please put Joan Cusack in more stuff, though?


Some good bits!


"I don't see hollow-point wound here on the menu."


"I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork, how've you been?"


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Here's a special favour for a very special friend of mine who was a bit slow with his nominations.


Here is the top 10 of Mr PowerButchi. Ithankyou.


10. Zulu

9. Demolition Man

8. Commando

7. Live and Let Die

6. 12 Angry Men

5. Boogie Nights

4. Death Wish 2

3. Rocky IV

2. Rocky III

1. The Running Man.

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Whack my tip top ten up there too please. As these skinny jean, nail varnish wearing, dope smoking, red bull drinking, tattoed & pierced

joey deacons wouldn't know a good film if it snuck up behind them and tickled their rusty sheriff's badge. Scott Pilgram is by far one of

the top ten least fave movies ever. Please educate the masses by showering them with the gift that is my list of good n bad.

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Grosse Pointe Blank would have been in my top 20 I reckon. Good choice, great film. Here's what I said about it at the time -



Only joking! I'm not sure we really need Pat and Woy's reviews c&p for every film either ;)



I'm afraid that I completely fell in love with Minnie Driver in this film to the point that, even though I know she's not this good in anything else I still fancy her. Has the director even made another film since? It's just going to be one of those annoying one-off films that leave you with a craving for more that is never fulfilled. It also serves to remind one that Akroyd was still young enough to have done a Ghostbusters at around this time, but they didn't. So, bittersweet film in all.

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