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UFC on Fox II


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So UFC on Fox II looks likely to be held in Chicago on January 28th. No Announced fights so far but King Mo has tweeted that he will be on the show, it will be intresting to see what get selected as the main event after last weekends show will they move GSP/Diaz off the Superbowl show and have the fight a week earlier, you've got to think the UFC will want a big main event on this show but then that leaves the Superbowl show without a big main event.


UFC on Fox 2

January 28th

United Center Chicago


Rumoured Fights


King Mo vs. TBA

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I myself don't think having another title fight again on Fox yet is a good idea as it would devalue the PPV market but I would not be surprised if we do see another title fight on Fox later in 2012. I guess for promoting the big GSP/Diaz fight due to happen the week after it would make sense to move the rumoured Condit/Koscheck fight to this show for and I can' see any other fighters big enough to main event this show and it should provide a better fight than last weekend.


The only other fight I can think of that could main event the show would be Rampage/Griffen 2 but I would not be surprised to see that fight added to the Tokyo show and the UFC may want to showcase different weight devision and with King Mo saying he's on the show they may not want 2 light heavyweight fights on the main card.

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