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UKFF TOP 50 Wrestlers ... EVER!


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UKFF Top 50 Wrestlers Trophy:


Just watched that FUCKING TERRIBLE Greatest Ever Superstars DVD, and they've got it well wrong. So I thought this would be worth a go. Everyone knows the place to come for smart opinion and general brilliance is on the UKFF. We've had shitarse 50s, we've had UKFF 50s, we've had our 50 top footy players, so it only makes sense to do a list of the 50 greatest wrestlers ever. Anyone from Junkyard Dog to Slyk Wagner Brown is eligible.


The Rules:

Send me your top FIVE wrestlers ever. Use your own criteria as to why you feel that person is your favourite or the best wrestler. If drawing power is your thing, then jot it down. If ability in between the ropes is what tickles your fancy, then tell me why. Write a paragraph or a few lines about each wrestler and slot it through. There's no different stages or points system anything like that. Just send me your list and I'll sort them out based on how many each wrestler got. I will then do a little bio on them, stick in a bit of info and maybe a vain attempt at humour.


"But Ian, how do we get in contact with your good self?"

PM me your favourites or alternatively if the PM box is full send your entries to oldblokesinunderpants@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll compile the list from there. I'll then start posting


The Boyos:

50. New Jack

49. Spike Dudley

48. Tito Santana

47. Owen Hart

46. Les Kellet

45. Jimmy Valiant

44. Mo

43. Daniel Bryan

42. IRS

41. The Great Muta

40. The Great Khali

39. Duane Gill

38. Fit Finlay

37. Vader

36. Johnny Saint

35. CM Punk

34. Bill Goldberg

33. Road Dogg

32. Brock Lesnar

31. Jeff Jarrett

30. The Rockers

29. Dynamite Kid

28. Brian Pillman

27. Brutus Beefcake

26. The Big Boss Man

25. Sting

24. D’Lo Brown

23. Roddy Piper

22. Jake Roberts

21. The Ultimate Warrior

20. John Cena

19. Mick Foley

18. Scott Hall

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1) Shawn Michaels -

Defined wrestling through all of his incarnations. Consistant quality and seemed to get better with age.


2) Hulk Hogan -

The proof is in the pudding - the reaction he received at TNA BFG shows why he is such an icon. People love him.


3) The Rock -

Captivates an audience and just exudes some kind of aura...


4) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin -

Revolutionised wrestling and has had some of the greatest matches of all time


5) Gilligan Gordon -

I figure you might not get 50 individual wrestlers being nominated so on an outside chance, I will pick myself. It's like the time I rigged the UKFF UK50 but without the hassle!!


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I went for, reasons not included in the spoilers...


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Hulk Hogan

Chris Benoit ( can't really list who I think is the best and not include him. would be unfair on the poll )

Shawn Michaels

Kenta Kobashi

Tito Santana



[close spoiler]



Had a decent think about that and I think I've got it right.

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The Rock - Draw, Invokes emotion from audience...


HBK - THE quintessential all-rounder.


Triple H - Another All-Rounder. Certain periods would hold him back but can pull out a cracker of a match with the majority of people.


Undertaker - Draw, Has had the misfortune of having some truly shocking talents to work with but can't muster a semi decent showing from them. His matches with better talent as wonderful.


Hulk Hogan - Without him, none of the above would be as rich as they are...


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