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UKFF TOP 50 Wrestlers ... EVER!


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I don't know if anyone agrees but I thought he was a bit quick to count up the votes, by the time I noticed it existed he had already posted the first day I thought you could have at least have given it till Friday to give all the regulars of the board a chance to get their vote in.



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38. Fit Finlay:



Prime Years: 1980-2008


Info: I'm sure we've all got a soft spot for Finlay. He's had quite a career. He's a second generation wrestler, who was regular on the British circuit for years. He really became world famous when he showed up giving Lord Steven Regal a good beating. He spent years in WCW, having some of the hardest hitting matches you'll see on US spoil with the likes of Regal, Dave Taylor and Brian Knobs. Finlay was a weekly fixture on Nitro around 1998. He'd usually pop up and wrestle anyone from Bret Hart to Booker T to Chris Benoit. His matches with Benoit and Booker T were expecially great, during his short lived Television title run. He also holds the Junkyard Invitational trophy for the match were everyone got injured and very little of it was caught on camera. It was during a Hardcore bout where a lump of wood jammed in his leg and they were considering amputating it because of the amount of nerve damage he had. It wouldn't be long before our man turned up back on TV leading the unforgettable HARDCORE SOLIDERS trio of himself, Brian Knobs and The Dog!~


After WCW ended, he was snapped up by the WWF, where he began working as a road agent and a trainer. The only time in recent history that WWE's women having haven't been shockingly terrible was when Finlay was in charge of the in ring aspect of it. Because of his ability to help train wrestlers on the job, he made his return to TV and was over with the people 10 times more than he'd ever been in WCW. He was still great and he was accepted by the people. And he had a dwarf with him. He was also penned in the win the WWE belt at SummerSlam 2006. He was on the blackboard, the full afternoon as taking the belt home and dropping it to Batista at Survivor Series 2006, but plans changed as they usually do. He's currently working on the Indy scene, after a sacking that nobody believes is anything put to please the sponsers after a bit of a fuck up. He'll be back.


Did he have shit on the market?: WCW didn't do anything but stick him and his lovely Hardcore trophy on some card, but Finlay must have been making a good living during that 05-09 run.



They Said:"Still one of the best in the game. Should have had a WWE title reign. He loves to fight as well, like Richie Freebird"


37. Vader:



Prime Years: 1986-1997


Info: First donned the Vader get up in New Japan Pro Wrestling, after The Ultimate Warrior declined the gimmick and took the WWF's offer instead. Vader developed his bully boy style over there, dishing out and taking good kickings from all the heavyweights over there. Including one occassion where he's eye came out during a match with Stan Hansen. But its probably his run with WCW, that most really began to know and love the big man. Some of those squash matches look as brutal today as they did back then. Stories of jobbers just saying "fuck that" when they saw their name next to Vader's have done the round for years, because of his lack of care he had for his opponents at that stage. Which is surprising, considering a lot of his peers say he's a big softy, who gets emotional if you are in a mood with him. A multi time World Champion, he had feuds with everyone from Sting (including Sting storming out at the bell when the fans were on Vader's side) to Cactus Jack, who usually came out of matches with Vader without a body part, without feeling in his hands or with a broken bone somewhere (none of this could be shown on TV of course). Vader had a run with Hogan on top, which was frustrating for Vader. The final straw came when Vader tried to get in the face of agent Paul Orndorff backstage, and even punched the one armed Orndorff in the chest. It wasn't good news for Vader, as Orndorff (a noted mentalist) gave him a good kicking with no shoes on in a dressing gown. This was the last we saw of Vader, as he packed up his troubles in his old kit bag and went to the WWF. It looked to be a good move. Vader got to be the first person since Ric Flair to keep his gimmick jumping to the WWF and he looked like the biggest star on the planet at the Royal Rumble.


Vader destroyed everyone and even gave Gorilla Monsoon a beating. Like in WCW though, the knives were out and he ended up staring at the lights for Shawn Michaels. He still hadn't hit rock bottom, just yet. He had good matches with Undertaker and Bret Hart, and was the star of the show in an absolutely belting Final Four match in February 97. After that his star continued to fall, until he got squashed by Mark Henry in a match I legit fell asleep during in 1998. Vader set his sights on ECW, but they weren't in a position at that time to be paying money to anyone. WCW laughed in his face, so he returned to Japan for a final run on top over there. He also turned up in TNA, before it was shit obviously. We all long for the days of Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes and Vader tearing up the TNA Asylum.


Did he have shit on the market?: Yes he certainly did. You can still buy Vader replica masks at online retailers. Vader's a bit of a favourite of many throughout the years. A big star of the 90s, he was on the cover of Superbrawl Wrestling for the SNES, he was the only good thing about In Your House for the PS1. And he appears on the new WWE 12 game for the Xbox and PS3. Vader's having a bit of an Indian Summer as far as the royalties go.



They Said: "Best big man ever, everything he did looked like it genuinely hurt. Long overdue for the Hall of Fame"


36. Johnny Saint:



Prime Years: 1960s-1980s


Info: A cult favourite among the internet wrestling community in 2011, thanks to the influence he's had on a lot of the workers over in the States, Johnny Saint was a staple of the UK scene of the 60s, 70s and 80s. With an chain based style, which would leave his opponent with twisted blood, he never failed to amuse with all the different holds and reversals he was capable of. Just watching interviews with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush and Colt Cabana is an eye opener of how much they actually care about Saint and how much of an influence he is to a lot of wrestlers on the independent circuit. After over a decade of being out of the game, The Saint returned for a few matches on British soil and in his late 60s, toured the US for the first time. He's still very good at what he does as well, which is incredible considering his bus pass is due for a renewal. People still like him, so he'll no doubt still be knocking the matches out on both sides of the Atlantic if the demand is still there. A nice story.


Did he have shit on the market?: Not back in the day, to the best of my knowledge, but these days you can buy these off Highspots.com



They Said:"Joyous technical wank-fests. Immensely popular and supremely gifted."


35. CM Punk:



Prime Years: 2006-present


Info: Got into the business worshiping Roddy Piper, and at times its obvious to see. Like Piper, Punk's physique wasn't much to write home about. Like Piper, Punk had a range of vocal abilities whether it was on commentary, in interview segments or tearing his opponent one. Like Piper, people seemed desperate to want to like him when he was a heel. And ironically, Piper and Punk were called shit as soon as they walked through the door by higher ups in the company because they didn't look like their vision of a star. Punk has yet to release a pop song on the Sony label that Lorraine Kelly liked, though. When he eventually did make it onto WWE TV, even his biggest supporters thought he was doomed there. He was a good hand in the WWE for a few years as a credible uppercard act who didn't look out of place in main event positions. His real step up came when he turned on Jeff Hardy and was given plenty of time on the microphone in 2009. The two had some great matches, angles and verbal battles. The feud still had great potential, until Hardy went to TNA, and put an end to what would have been phase 2 of their program. He was one of the best acts on the show, leading the Straight Edge Society and the new Nexus into top battles with Hardy, Rey Mysterio, The Big Show and Randy Orton. More recently, though, he's in the face camp.


He got the wrestling world buzzing with a shoot laced promo directed at Vince McMahon, which he followed up with a super effort along with the equally brilliant John Cena at the Money In the Bank PPV. Since then, its been creatively down hill, even though he remains in a far better positon than before June. He hasn't done himself any favours either, it has to be said. He looked great with his long hair, and that Macho Elbow drop was only even intended for black flowing hair wofting as the elbow is delivered. Far more at home being a twat to babyface and fans worldwide, 'The Voice of the Voiceless' is currently palling up with the COO of the company and losing every month. Still can't be considered the best in the world until he beats Davey Richards :)


Did he have shit on the market?: He does that. His current shirt is a hot seller. He's got figures up the arse at the minute. Contrary to popular belief, has wrestled for the promotion long enough to actually have an ice cream bar with his likeness on it.



They Said:"Whilst his face run has bombed, I still have him down on this list due to his heel antics in 2009-2011. A great promo, Punk could draw heat and stay entertaining. He kept his heel character fresh by tweaking it, first playing it cocky then playing a psycho cult leader, both he did very well. On his day Punk is also great in the ring, he and John Cena had a classic this year, and his series with Jeff Hardy produced some gems."

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Reminds me of the good old days in some ways, but he's proof that you're nothing until you make it into the big leagues.


Not sure where Vince got the name CM Punk from, not very WWF of the current era is it?

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Fantastic write-ups there. Definitely the best UKFF TOP... thread ever! Bit of trivia, that Finlay figure in the two-pack with Hornswoggle... You can use the head for a custom Mattel Ric Flair. And the body for a custom Owen Hart.


Reminds me of the good old days in some ways, but he's proof that you're nothing until you make it into the big leagues.


Not sure where Vince got the name CM Punk from, not very WWF of the current era is it?


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Not sure on Finlay. I've never thought much of him. Even as Belfast Bruiser or the US champ. I can see why people like him a fair bit though. I don't see any problems with any of the guys in this list, although CM Punk being there is a bit iffy, especially above some of the names he's above.

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