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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 - Bisping vs Mayhem Thread *SPOILERS*


Bisping vs Mayhem  

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Next Thursday according to FX's site, so only a day behind the Yanks



The finale will air live on FX on Dec 3rd aswell





Michael Bisping vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Dennis Bermudez vs. Diego Brandao (TUF 14 Featherweight Finale)

John Dodson vs. T.J. Dillashaw (TUF 14 Bantamweight Finale)

Yves Edwards vs. Tony Ferguson

Johnny Bedford vs. Louis Gaudinot



Marcus Brimage vs. Stephan Bass

John Albert vs. Dustin Pague

Roland Delorme vs. Josh Ferguson

Josh Clopton vs. Steven Siler

Bryan Caraway vs. Dustin Neace

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You can probably tell from my sig who I am supporting :thumbsup:


I dont think this season can fail, the lighter weights have'nt been done on TUF and are sure to produce exciting fights and worthy fighters to add more depth and intesrest to the BW and FW weight classes, plus Bisping and Mayhem will have a feud that last season sorely missed.


Plus I get to be smug with most MMA fans, as I really believe that Mayhem is going to beat Bisping in the finale despite Bisping being the heavy favorite. Dont let the personality fool anyone, Mayhem is the most underated fighter in MMA, he would have beaten Jake Shields by submission if the round where he had the rear naked choke locked in was 5 seconds longer, to have a grappler the calibrre of Sheilds in that postion shows how good of a grappler Mayhem is.


His striking is very good, if Jorge Rivera can land against Bisping then so can Mayhem, he is also a very good offensive wrestler but like his teamate Dan Henderson he does struggle with his Takedown Defence as the Sheilds fight showed. I see Mayhem and Bisping being closely mathched on the feet, with a slight edge going to Mayhem, but if it hits the floor I think Mayhem can and will submit Bisping, although he was ancient when he did it, he is the only man to ever submit Sakuraba which is still impressive.


Mayhem is a real star in the making, this show is his launch pad. 16-30 year olds are going to love him.

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If you can get to Victoria train station in London tonight at 6pm, find Bisping and say I'm team Bisping , then if your one ofnthe first you will get a pair of tickets to UFC138.


He's in Manchester tomorrow.

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Cheers mate, that's my train journey today sorted!


No probs. I just listened to this myself, pretty entertaining as you'd expect. But listening to them I can't help think the bad blood is mostly bullshit here. Not saying they're best mates or anything cos there's clearly some legit needle there but even when they were having a go at each other they were laughing and it sounded like when you take the piss with a mate.


Mayhem called him a prick and he laughed. Bisping is usually super serious with anyone having a go. He was getting proper worked up even at Wanderlei's fairly tame trash talk.


Still gonna be a great season, no doubt they'll wind each other up rotten in such a competitive setting and the fight between them should be fun aswell as the fights on the show.


Looking forward to this more than I have any TUF since Rashad vs Rampage

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Just read jimufctna's post so added a poll, thought it might be interesting to see just how underrated Mayhem is and if it's right he's such an underdog.


Mayhem's tough, and well rounded. I can see it being a harder fight than a lot think but I really think this is Bisping's fight to lose. I'd favour Bisping in striking, he has underrated wrestling himself, excellent ground and pound and is always in great shape cardio wise. While Mayhem hasn't been fighting that regular recently and could come in rusty. Training so long on the show aswell as his usual camp should help him there though imo.


Mayhem's deffo got the edge in grappling but Bisping's no slouch either. Hamill and Rashad had a rough time holding him down and he's shown good BJJ defence off his back.


If Mayhem's gonna win I think it will be catching a submission. His BJJ is excellent and if Wandy nearly caught him in a guillotine Mayhem could too.


I've got Bisping on points. Think he's probably in better form at the minute.

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So far I am the only one voting for Mayhem :(


I do think Bisping has some good GnP and underated wrestling, he displayed that against Dennis Kang, but Mayhem wont be overwelmed like Kang was. For all the hype about Bisping striking he got rocked by Rivera (who is powerful but limited standing), dropped by Kang and Wanderlai almost finished him as well.


Mayhem was giving Sheilds fits standing, yes Sheilds is hardly a elite striker but he held his own against GSP who is a very good MMA striker. I think Mayhem will drop Bisping and pounce on him, earning a submission win in the process.


I dont dislike Bisping, he is top 10, but Mayhem is a real sleeper.

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yes Sheilds is hardly a elite striker but he held his own against GSP who is a very good MMA striker.

Mayhem schooled Shields standing up, so much so that Sheilds had to keep shooting for takedowns repeatedly. Against GSP, Sheilds had no need to do this as although he lost the striking exchanges he was quite competative.

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