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S Club 7


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These lot dominated the 90's didn't they. I just heard their song "You're My Number One" and it got me thinking. What rthe fuck happened to them?


There was the beefy one with the dark hair who seemed to have a mid life crisis about halfway through the group, piled on a shit ton of weight and bleached his hair Gazza style. Then he pissed off early leaving them to drop the 7 from their name.




There was Jo who probably more famously went onto Big Brother one year, got into a bit of shitstorm with Shilpa Shetty, got something wrong with her back and well, I haven't heard shit from her since.




The black lad got compared to a young Bobby Brown by a lot of the Yanks after "Don't Stop Movin" blew up over there. Then he just vanished. He probably lengthed Rachel though before doing so.




Rachel is the one all the lads remember as they no doubt spunked all over posters of her on their bedroom walls at one stage. No? Maybe that last bit was just me then.




Then their was Hannah who was apparently shagging Paul at one point.




Tina who was fit but just sort of there.




Then their was the sort of questionable looking one if you catch my drift.





Of course eventually, they would all grow up and looking to still satisfy pre-teens and peados worldwide, S Club Juniors came along.

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i saw them do a reunion at oceana when i was uni in brighton 2 years ago, well it was jo, bradley and some fat homeless guy they advertised as paul. it was one of the best gigs in my life.







well no, but it was a really good time, especially after the drinks had flowed. i do remember thinking "hey, i know the words like it was yesterday", though im sure the sober ones in the club thought otherwise.


i remember that tv special they did where they go back to the 50s and loving that when i was a kid.

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They mainly do, as mentioned by others, the Uni circuit a hell of a lot (particularly at times like this, with Freshers' Week and all). See also: the Vengaboys.


S Club 3 (as I believe they're often billed on the uni circuit) are at Leeds at some point over Freshers' Week I think. We've got Gareth Gates too, which should be...interesting. Vengaboys did Leeds last year and were a good laugh.


That picture of S Club 7 is pretty cool. From what I can see, it looks like Tina is the only one who has really changed.

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Rachel- absolutely gorgeous. Plenty of wanks over that lass.

Jo- sounded like a bloke, plus she fixed cars too. Urgh.

Hannah- at the time she reminded me of a young boy. Wasn't into that.

Tina- very, very average. A dime a dozen. Not unattractive, but wouldn't turn your head in the street. Or in bed with her.


John was a clone of H from Steps, I'm certain of it.

Paul got very fat, didn't he?

Bradley never lived up to any stereotype and clich

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