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  1. A couple of years ago I tried to set up, for lack of a better term, a musicians collective. The idea was to assemble a group in which musicians and aspiring musicians from all different backgrounds and skill levels could work together to create something good. I'd hoped that after the primary project was completed that smaller splinter groups would form and go on to create works of their own and so on and so on, obviously I never achieved that goal but the concept has remained on my mind ever since. Now I know that there are a few musicians (aspiring and otherwise) on the UKFF, some people aspire to make music but lack the technical knowhow, the confidence or the inspiration to do it by themselves, that's why I'm proposing a UKFF Musicians Collective in which we all make music together, either individually, in pairs or in groups. We can exchange ideas and expertise and inspire each other to persevere and actually do something instead of wishing we were doing something. So what I suggest, and this is just a suggestion, is that we begin with a concept, for the sake of argument let's say that it's the infamous quote. Those who want to take part go away with the intention of making a track which will feature the aforementioned sample somewhere in it. You can do anything you want, any type of music, as short or as long a track as you want, the only rule is that you must use the chosen sample. That's the idea I've got and at the moment it's nothing more than an idea. If you want to have a go or pitch some ideas you may do so now!
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