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Tonight's Euromillions

Tommy Atkins

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You know them generic pictures you see in the papers of Lotto winners sipping from a glass of champagne to celebrate their win? Well if I win, I'm gonna pose with a can of Super Skol and a shoddily made roll up hanging our of my mouth. Keeping' it real!

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might as well just bought 4 lucky dips


never bloody win though if i win jackpot u can all have a tenner*


Sucks to be you, I win the Lottery all the time.


i meant getting enough to win any prize


ps can i borrow a fiver


No, youll spend it on Lottery tickets.

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If I win the jackpot I'll treat anyone on here who wants one to a spot in the super-secret Paidos forum. I'm just that generous. :thumbsup:

If I win the jackpot, I'm going to buy neil.

I'd go along with it, but then afterwards Woyzeck would get increasingly insecure about what went down. We'd move apart and Woyzeck would get demodded. I'd end up getting closer to you and you'd become a mod. After a while though, Woyzeck would want back in because he truly loves being a mod with me. He'd bare his soul to me and you'd get pushed away and Woyzeck would return to his rightful place....by my side.

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