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The WWE Roster Cuts 2011


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Buddy Stretcher is the worst name in a long time.

His name's Buddy Stetcher actually, no "r" in there.


Buddy Stretcher sounds like a gay porn star name.


This is starting late this year ain't it? Thought the cull usually started just after Mania? Bet them guys thought they were safe till next year.


I haven't heard of any of them names in ThePhenom's post. Any surprises there or were these firings on the cards?


EDIT- oh was Tarver one of the Nexus lads? Thought his name rung a bell.

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Heath Slater is doing well though. In ring wise the guy has got it down. Just needs time to develop a personality.


He's not the worst guy on the roster or anything, but Tarver and especially Harris were waaaaaay better. All three are better than Darren smegging Young though.

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Why didn't they bring Harris back along with the rest of the New Nexus anyway? I don't even remember there being any rumours about it him being in the bad books or anything, he just was never mentioned again when they came back after WrestleMania. He's 100 times better than Mike McGillicutty, the blandest man on telly. I fucking love Husky.


Tarver should have been kept around, if only as somebody's bodyguard or something, if they didn't think much of him in the ring. He looked the business.

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