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My Best Film?


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Taking inspiration from the "my best match" threads on the main forum. My best film, starting with Jim Carrey.


With a wide range of roles, i thought Carrey would be a good starting point. Strong comedy roles in films such as Dumb & Dumber, Ace Ventura and at the other end of the acting spectrum, more serious roles in films like The Number 23 and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Other films include: The Mask, Batman Forever, Yes Man, The Truman Show, Man On The Moon, Lemony Snickets, I Love You Phillip Morris, Liar Liar, Cable Guy and probably a ton more i've forgotten.


It's a really close call for me as Dumb & Dumber is one of my all time favourite comedies, but I think Jim's best movie has got to have been - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


What say you?

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Top 3


1. The Truman Show- Should have been nominated, it's a fantastic performance, nuanced and subtle and revealing

2. The Man on the Moon- Dont care much really about Andy Kaufman, but that Jim Carrey draws you in as the performer and is magnificent

3. The Cable Guy- Awesome performance, much is said about the salary he got, but freaky as fuck in this role



Notable others from what Ive seen, Bruce Almighty and the original Ace Ventura


Only seen Eternal Sunshine once and that was some time ago, so cant really remember it too well if Im honest other than filing cabinets and trains

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I have tried on more than one occasion to watch Eternal Sunshine, but it just bores me and I still haven't managed to see it through to the end. Can't really explain what it is I don't like about it, I just find it very underwhelming.


As for my favourite Carrey film, I'd say it was a 3 way toss up between Dumb And Dumber, Liar Liar and Truman Show.


I saw Cable Guy a few weeks ago and while I really tried to like it, I just couldn't. It didn't really make me laugh, although I thought Carrey played his part quite well.


Oh, and I think his portrayal of The Riddler in Batman Forever is one of my favourite performances. Really camps it up and helps make a below-par Batman movie far more entertaining than it should be.

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Well, I'm probably not the best person to ask that of, as I hated Eternal Sunshine, so... but in any regard, I thought The Truman Show was the film of his where I was most impressed by his performance, I really think he's great in that part and does practically none of his goofing around which is refreshing. The Truman Show is quite underrated, I think it's a culturally significant film, predating Big Brother by a year or two and presaging the whole reality tv phenomenon.

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