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Dude its been talked about for monthes now, theres no stopping you doing one aswell maybe change it up abit


touche, must point out I don't really keep in touch due to being busy but it's not exactly alike, just the same subject matter like.

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Simon Rothstein (the head of TNA's UK office) just tweeted this:


Excited to be at pilot screening of wrestling sitcom Walk Like A Panther. Some important looking suits here alongside your trusty TNA rep


That was very good and judging by the reaction in the room, TV bosses will be fighting over it. It really does justice to British wrestling.


Just had a great chat with the legend that is Rollerball Rocco. He spoke very highly of the current crop of UK talent especially Doug Williams.

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Below is the pilot episode from a pro wrestling "comedy" that was filmed in Los Angeles a few months back. "Undisputed" stars Mr. Anderson, Colt Cabana and Mick Foley. The series has not been picked up for distribution yet.

I think its a comedy not sure, like Larry Sanders but not funny


Was searching youtube and came up with this a sitcom series Learning the ropes featuring NWA stars, Jimmy Garvin, Steve Williams, Tully Blanchard and the Road Warriors.


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