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NXT Season 5 Thread


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So according to PWTorch it is called NXT: Redemption


Maryse is Hosting

Regal is commentating


Shelton Benjamin was on the dark match


Apparently they are competing for a spot on NXT 6


The names are


Pro = Chavo Rookie = Darren Young

Pro = Vlad Kozlov Rookie = Conor Obrian

Pro = Tyson Kidd Rookie = Lucky Canon

Pro = Yoshi Tatsu Rookie = Byron Saxton

Pro = JTG Rookie = Jacob Novak

Pro = Hornswoggle Rookie = Titus Oneil

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I find it strange that anyone's even considering watching this. The six blandest people from previous seasons all return for one more go? No thanks.


6 of the blandest pros that've been picked as well. The only reason I want to watch is because of Regal. So is it actually true that the winner of this only gets a place in the 6th season of NXT???

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