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NXT Season 5 Thread


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What do u guys think is gonna happen with Season 5 of NXT? They said it would be a season unlike anythin we've seen before but they've said that before. What do you think will be different about it and which pros and rookies do you think will be in it?

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-Darren Young with Pro Chavo Guerrero.


-Connor O'Brien with Pro Vladimir Kozlov.


-Lucky Cannon with Pro Tyson Kidd.


-Byron Saxton with Pro Yoshi Tatsu.


-Jacob Novak with Pro JTG.


-Titus O'Neil with Pro Hornswoggle.

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So according to PWTorch it is called NXT: Redemption


Maryse is Hosting

Regal is commentating


Shelton Benjamin was on the dark match


Apparently they are competing for a spot on NXT 6


The names are


Pro = Chavo Rookie = Darren Young

Pro = Vlad Kozlov Rookie = Conor Obrian

Pro = Tyson Kidd Rookie = Lucky Canon

Pro = Yoshi Tatsu Rookie = Byron Saxton

Pro = JTG Rookie = Jacob Novak

Pro = Hornswoggle Rookie = Titus Oneil

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I find it strange that anyone's even considering watching this. The six blandest people from previous seasons all return for one more go? No thanks.


6 of the blandest pros that've been picked as well. The only reason I want to watch is because of Regal. So is it actually true that the winner of this only gets a place in the 6th season of NXT???

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