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TNA's Tag Division


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Think Gen Me are going to end up back in the tag division now lol,


Nick Massie

Have had the worst luck with delta airlines today. Last night my red eye got

Cancelled than this morning another flight I was on delayed for two hours which made us miss are connection to Orlando. Now it'll be to late for us to make it to the PPV! Unbelievable!! I've never been this frustrated in my life!


just posted on his facebook

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see you say them but


Beer Money - im bored of these guys, give them a break and a singles push! I feel Roode is being held back in this team.

MCMG - injury prone due to their style

INK Inc - under rated and under used.

Hardy Boys - feel they are more established singles stars than a tag team now

Gunner + Murphy - jobbers and dont interest me

Young + Jordan - I actually like these, add something different to a tag match

Gen Me - I love these guys, very entertaining

AJ/Kazarian - Kaz is on a roll and it seems AJ is the leader of they so cant see them tagging much

Crimson/Red - we know its going to happen but I would need to see what crimson can do first


I feel it needs something fresh in the tag division! Worlds Greatest Tag Team would help? It is weak as its just not given the same focus as it used to be! The tag team matches on a TNA PPV were great and so was the X Division, another section that needs refreshing.

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They probably have ROH contracts that stop them from working for TNA but I would love to see the Kings of Wrestling brought in, I don't really watch ROH but sometimes catch the HDNet stuff before Raw comes on and I have seen a few of their matches in Japan and they look good.


Chris Hero isn't wrestling in superman t shirs and pleather trousers anymore which is an obvious plus and Claudio has a quality look nowadays.


London's Brawling Vs Beer Money would be good, Immortal need at least one decent wrestler, as they are basically just The Hardy's & Jeff Jarrett along with a few huge guys like Abyss, Rob Terry & The security blokes.

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i think theres plenty of good tag teams out there. they could also bring back homicide for an lax reunion, super crazy and psicosis as los mexiconas, la resistance, world greatest tag team, austin aries and roderick strong, and the kings of wrestling so the tag team division can be kept fresh by just bringing in one of these teams in occasionally.

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A Tag division your worried about:


Beer Money



Hardy Boys

Gunner + Murphy

Young + Jordan

Gen Me



Some version of British Invasion


What's wrong with that?

INK Inc, Young and Jordan and Generation Me are absolutely dire. Major LOLs at whoever said GM have charisma. Four of the others aren't even tag teams. Gunner & Murphy aren't established at all in the ring yet. That just leaves Beer Money and MCMG, which was pretty much the original point.


I like the idea of a Terry/Hernandez team. However the Morgan/Hernandez stuff suggests they'd be feuding within three weeks. I'd like to see them raid ROH for a couple of their teams. I'd throw in Haas & Benjamin too, that'd freshen things up.

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Considering Angle is so high on them, I'm surprised Haas and Benjamin have never made an appearance.


Anyway, TNA's tag team division is fine. Ink Inc are slowly developing into a good act as Jesse Neal learns on the job. You've just added the Hardy Boys to the mix, plus at some point they'll realise the 3-D breakup angle hasn't worked (again!) and put them back together. TNA is good at constantly bringing new teams into the mix. I have faith.

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