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"British" gifts for an American friend

John Matrix

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So i know throwing it out here hardly makes it "personal", but i have a female friend in the US who kindly bought for my birthday a personalised training top for me to wear during American Football practice.


With hers coming up fast, i'd like to return the sentiment - naturally the jersey wasnt something i could "easily" get over here and so i'm racking my brains trying to think of something unique to the UK that she might find fun, interesting and practical.


I thought of little things like the day's newspaper, a few photographs of the city and surrounding area and perhaps putting recording a video message on DVD, those are personalised things, but cant think of something comparable with what she bought for me.


Suggestions such as a geography book, slim fast or a passport will be appreciated, and then suitably ignored. Thanks in advance to any of you budding genuises who might be able to give me some ideas.

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Chocolate. There's a bunch of chocolate we have that they don't have. I think, for example, they don't have Smarties (or at least, they didn't ten years ago when Brian Michael Bendis wrote a comic about all the great English chocolate that he didn't know existed).

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I travel to the states about a dozen times a year for work and regularly take out pressies for friends and colleagues. Things that I know have worked include:


Cadburys chocolate (way better than hersheys)

Green and Black's Chocolate

Thorntons Chocolate

Jaffa Cakes


Branston Pickle

HP Sauce

any kind of marmalade / jam (theres a good one they sell in Tesco with the royal approval - always goes down well)

English beer / bitter

I bought one of those 'Keep Calm and Carry On' tea towels

There's a great british book called the little book of patrotism - listing of all the kings / queens, key dates etc.

A display pack of coins from the royal mint

A display pack of british stamps


And for those wanting something for American wrestling fans - The Wrestling by Simon Garfield.

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