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What's the worst date you've ever been on?


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Ok so it's been about 5 years since I posted on this forum, but I love threads like these...


So here's my story...


I met a girl on a dating website last year, she was a nice enough person, had a kid which didn't bother me too much as it was still young. She looked a bit like Thandi Newton, which was never a bad thing. So we agreed to meet up and go for a drink, I picked her up from her house and took her to the local pub which was down the road.


As soon as she got in the car I could tell something wasnt right, she was slurring her words slightly and was a bit out of it. She said she had had a couple of glasses of wine before comming out as she was nervous. "Ok" I thought, thinking to myself that I should make sure she didn't drink much more. We get to the pub and she wants a large glass of rose wine. I go to the bar and she heads outside for a fag and said she would meet me out there. I deliberately ordered a small glass and gave the excuse that they didn't have any large glasses. She jokingly tells me it's because I'm cheap, but says next time she will have 2 small glasses to make it up to a large one.


We sit outside and she chain smokes and goes through a 10 pack easily. She was a nice enough lass and we were getting on ok, she was laughing at my shit jokes and seemed responsive, if a bit pissed. We have a few more drinks and she manages to keep at a stable level of drunkeness. She says she fancies going back to my place, but first she wants to buy a bottle of wine and then head to hers so she can "pick up a few things". I try to discourage her from buying the wine but she is adamant about it, so begrudginly i buy the bottle from the bar (a

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