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The Song Of The Day Thread

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Whilst compiling my top 100 songs list, I thought this place could use a thread specifically dedicated to uploading one (or more if you really want) song each day, for the benefit/interest/annoyance of others. I always find myself listening to a specific song deliberately more than once per day, so I've decided to upload whatever song I am currently in love with, and I encourage you all to do the same. I don't care what you want to upload, be it pop, rock, metal, drum and bass, novelty, whatever, it doesn't matter. This isn't the Elitist Music Thread (not that there's anything wrong with that fine thread), so there's no boundaries with which to stick to.


I'd like for this thread to be a success, mostly because I'm always on the lookout for new or unheard music, so hopefully this will take off. Even if it doesn't, I'll still upload at least one song each day if I'm able to do so. If anybody wants to upload a song but is unsure of how to do so, I find Sendspace to be very straightforward and easy to use.


Feedback and discussion appreciated and encouraged.


With that said, today's song is:


The National - Mr. November


It's really uplifting and quite brilliant. Enjoy.

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Nothing reminds me of being 14, stealing porn from the cab of my friends dads lorry, roaming around estates and watching WCW at 1am more than this song. 

There's a song I never needed to hear again.

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I've been into Tom Waits forever, and have been listening to 'Small Change', one of his earlier albums, a lot recently. This is one of my favourite Waits tracks, a beat-poet inspired scat about an imaginary product that does/doesn't do any/everything:Tom Waits - Step Right Up

Tom Waits is all kinds of awesome.
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I think this is a brilliant idea, but can I suggest maybe informing everyone what musical genre each track is from? Just so people at least have some clue of what they're about to listen to, and arn't shocked when it's Dutch house mixed with Bolivian rap?

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