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  1. The DWP estimates the fraud rate for DLA to be less than 0.5%, one of the lowest for any benefit. This cut consists of changing the name, and reducing the eligibility for the new payment by 20%, thereby cutting the funding for 19.5% of recipients that they've already determined are eligible and need it. The necessity of any of these cuts on the vulnerable can be immediately undermined by asking why they don't start by collecting the billions in tax that are not being paid by some of the richest people in the country. I'll never understand why that doesn't cause more of an outcry when everyone knows it's happening, and instead the public get drawn into this debate over scrimping and saving at the bottom end.
  2. HHH-Taker was a total classic-by-numbers. Just throw a bunch of finishers in over and over and hope it equates to drama. It's the story of Hunter's career to emulate the best in the business but never quite understand what makes those guys transcendent. That match was desperately grasping for the heights of the HBK-Taker battles of the last two years, but failed quite miserably, depressingly. Very dull Mania overall. I was bored two minutes into the Rock's opening promo. I think Edge-Del Rio was probably the best match but maybe that was due to the sheer length of time I had to wait for any actual wrestling to take place. This was a show where the bullshit was emphatically front-and-center and the action an afterthought.
  3. Enter the Void is many heads and shoulders above anything else for my best film of the year. Just unlike anything I've ever seen before, a cinematic nightmare. I also enjoyed Still Walking, The Road, Bad Lieutenant, The Headless Woman and The Social Network. Worst film I saw all year was Mike Leigh's Another Year. As a director he's alright, but as a writer he's just horrifically overrated. I've never before wanted to punch as many characters that I was clearly supposed to like.
  4. Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground
  5. Just watched Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and it was fucking great. I don't really want to say any more than that, as I enjoyed it immensely for having no idea what to expect. It's tons of fun though.
  6. I wasn't that fussed about Four Lions. My expectations were very high. I liked it, but it all seemed a little pedestrian by Chris Morris standards.
  7. What the fuck was going on with the shaky camera during the "Bryan Danielson" promo? Looked like the cameraman was having a seizure.
  8. I definitely enjoyed it from the start, but it took 5 or 6 episodes for me to realise I loved it.
  9. Just in case anyone isn't aware, David Simon's new show, Treme (which stars Clarke Peters and Wendell Pierce from The Wire, as well as John Motherfucking Goodman) starts tomorrow on HBO. It's not broadcast here until the end of the year, so let's hope the download sites don't get blocked by Kim Jong Mandelson or his Tory equivalent before the series is out.
  10. Hart wrestled Faarooq and Triple H in the lead up. Both heels that both were the types of character than got under the fans skin. He cut out most if not all of the American bashing, and he was getting babyface pops. He was getting blamed for trashing lockers rooms when he obviously didnt do it and getting jumped by gangs of wrestlers. Nothing in this post says "Bret the evil baddy". It's not about Michaels being a better heel or Bret being a better heel. It was booked that way because DX were the new heels and needed to be established as the dominant heel group. Bret only wrestled Ken Shamrock, at Bret's request to set him up for his run as a main eventer when Bret left. I didn't mean out-heeled like that. I just meant in my recollection it was a feud between two established heel characters where one side (DX) was portrayed as more of a heel - because a feud still needs that dynamic. It's splitting hairs a bit anyway, and to be honest I barely remember half the stuff you've mentioned so maybe I'm on shaky ground arguing the point. I do personally recall it being a weird feud between two heel groups, but I'll concede you could probably argue Bret had been turned babyface during the feud, by the standards of what made a babyface circa 1997.
  11. Well, explain the Nation and DX beating up the Hart Foundation to a chorus of boos, the Hart's getting set up as racists as an obvious attempt to make the gullible black heels think it was the Harts that did it, ultra babyface Steve Austin helping Bret Hart to beat Faarooq and the cheers Bret got when he finally got his hands on Shawn Michaels, only for Rick Rude to carry Michaels out and the fans not seeing the heels head get torn off, thus making those people pay to see this at the PPV. And the fact that Bret Hart was due to play the babyface roll in his until In Your House in December? Or the "We Want Bret chants" and the boos at the Bret Hart insults when a midget came out or if they buried him onscreen after the screwjob? If Bret didnt get back onside with the fans, when it was announced he had left the WWF wouldnt the people have just gone "thank fuck for that!". Of course it wasnt a heel vs heel feud. Everything in the feud pointed to Bret getting sympathy when all the odds were against them and DX getting heat because they had recently formed and needed to be established. The only way you can say it was a heel vs heel feud is if you ignore all these points. Which you have done. No doubt the Harts were getting out-heeled in the feud, which I guess makes them the faces of that dynamic (since someone has to be) so in a sense I take your point. But I don't remember them turning face or changing up their promos at all. And Bret was still wrestling babyfaces right up until Survivor Series wasn't he?
  12. This is exactly right - it was absolutely a heel vs heel feud, albeit with the knowledge that Hart would obviously be the face in front of the Canadian live audience. Bret did nothing to turn face in the build-up to Survivor Series. Of the replies in this thread that actually take the original question into account, this is the only one I really agree with:
  13. I haven't seen The Blind Side but this is how I'd score the others: An Education: Well-made Oscar Bait, utterly predictable and very safe, but nothing too offensive. (**3/4) The Hurt Locker: Best film on the shortlist by a mile. Very tense and claustrophobic with believable performances and creative, sparing use of special effects. (*****) A Serious Man: A bit overrated, but it is in "good Coen" territory, in the vein of Fargo or Barton Fink. Sort of meanders unsatisfyingly towards a contrived conclusion. (***1/4) Up in the Air: Perfectly well put-together and likeable light comedy drama, not really worthy of the kind of Oscar praise it's getting. Average in a good way. (***)
  14. Both a dragon screw and a clothesline over the top really do rely on the guy selling them to get right. I can't see what Danielson could have done differently. And I'm not being a Twitterblog internet Daniel Bryan fan (Cole was great on this show, for once) - I hate ROH. But I hate idiotic criticisms more. Hang on, do you think he fucked up or was stupid for doing it deliberately? Make your fucking mind up. Danielson was the one selling the clothesline if I remember correctly. Also whether he meant to or not it was either stupid or careless and if the reports of him hurting himself off it are true then it begs the question why he bothered. I'm not trying to go out of my way to slate him, i'm just pointing out that he's really not as good as it's been hyped. I'd much rather see Otunga get a push than Danielson. Jericho was the one recieving the clothesline. The fact that he fucked it up was simply a mistake, it doesn't mean that Jericho's massively overrated. You could easily argue that Jericho failed to catch Bryan on the tope, but it really doesn't matter. It was just a mistake, similar things happen all the time in wrestling. If he didn't try and do a big risky spot to make an impression you'd probably say he was boring. You really are going out of your way to slate Bryan based on one show where he frankly came across really well. Otunga on the other hand - while a good basic cocky promo - only had to execute one move, and near-as-dammit fucked that move up, yet you're high as a kite on him?
  15. Both a dragon screw and a clothesline over the top really do rely on the guy selling them to get right. I can't see what Danielson could have done differently. And I'm not being a Twitterblog internet Daniel Bryan fan (Cole was great on this show, for once) - I hate ROH. But I hate idiotic criticisms more. Hang on, do you think he fucked up or was stupid for doing it deliberately? Make your fucking mind up. Anyway, I thought this show was great. The crane camera distinguished it from the 'major leagues', and Josh Matthews and Michael Cole actually got to show their personalities for once. I'd have preferred a bit more pre-taped stuff in the vein of Tough Enough or Ultimate Fighter to distinguish it even further, but I have no complaints with what they did. Daniel Bryan came across really, really well. Aside from being a fucking midget, he hardly put a foot wrong and Miz is the perfect foil to get him over. I hadn't seen her before this angle, and while I hate it when women feel they have to get boob jobs to make it in WWE, I have to say that shaven-headed Serena is seriously hot.