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Bellator 290 - Bader vs. Fedor II (4th Feb)

Egg Shen

Bader or Fedor?  

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Bellator's first of 2023...


Main Card:

Ryan Bader vs. Fedor Emelianenko - Heavyweight Title

Johnny Eblen vs. Anatoly Tokov - Middleweight Title

Sabbah Homasi vs. Brennan Ward


Neiman Gracie vs. Dante Schiro

Lorenz Larkin vs. Mukhamed Berkhamov

Henry Corrales vs. Akmed Magomedov

Steve Mowry vs. Ali Isaev

Chris Gonzalez vs. Max Roshkopf

Grant Neal vs. Karl Albrektsson

Alejandra Lara vs. Diana Avsaragov

Darrion Caldwell vs. Nikita Mikhailov

Jaylon Bates vs. Jornel Lego

Isaiah Hokit vs. Peter Ishiguro

Ethan Hughes vs. Yusuf Karakaya

As per usual, ignore the bout order as they always get listed weird, but the Bellator website only has a 3 fight main card listed, so it'll probably be a swing bout deal.

So, the last fight of Fedor Emelianenko. It's a strange one. There's not many of the old Pride guard left, who'd have thought Fedor would be one of the last men standing? he's 46 years old now and has only fought twice in 3 years, but it's safe say that Bellator are doing him a solid here and trying to give the great man a storybook ending. That said, Fedor is coming a pretty legit win over Tim Johnson.

Who knows about the actual fight? If one things true of Fedor in recent years, he doesn't hang about and he's never in a dull fight win or lose, something wild always happens. Rewind to the first Bader/Fedor fight for proof of that, Bader KO'd Fedor in 35 seconds, it was sad and I don't think I could handle seeing a similar result.


Ryan Bader has resumed his Heavyweight run after a a shitty couple of years at 205 and it probably speaks of the poor level of Bellator heavyweights that Bader is the heavyweight champion there at 40 years old. I'd love to see Fedor somehow pull this off, i'd actually like to see it go longer than a couple of minutes to see some of Fedor's skillset because we don't get to see much of anything outside of looping punches anymore. Smart money has to be on a Bader KO though 😔

The rest of the night is solid, Eblen/Tokov won't be attracting a ton of attention but that's solid Bellator title fight, then also on the main card you have Homasi/Ward which is just pure violence.

I'll add some more thoughts once I do some digging into a few names I don't recognise on the undercard, I just wanted to get a thread up. May even share some Fedor memories heading in.



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Great video, and really highlights just how special Fedor was. That Pride run, and even those few matches in Affliction, holds a special place in my heart. It was truely a special occasion every time he stepped into the ring back then. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones in their primes that get close to Fedor's aura of invincibility (Khabib too, but on a much smaller sample). Even against the likes of Nog and Cro Cop, you wouldnt even really think much at all about Fedor losing, it just seemed far beyind the realm of possibility. The fact that the he was always fighting in Japan, and you had no way of watching his fights without spending countless hours waiting for your 700mb download chunks to finish, that just all added to the mystique.

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Lara vs. Avsaragova, brought to you by PornHub (©wandshogun). I've always thought Lara was gorgeous, and Avsaragova's stunning too.

From what I remember, Lara's record isn't too great. I tend to support her not just because she's fit, but because she's a native activist. But it seems like she's just being fed to Avsaragova, who's undefeated. Shame.

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