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Triller: Triad Combat (27th Nov)

Egg Shen

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Anyone up for this?


Triller's latest venture. 

There's no notable MMA this weekend so this will probably pick up some media attention.

Its a fight in a triangular ring with a modified rule set. Different gloves, grappling/tying up is allowed, as is dirty boxing. Spinning backfists, hammerfists and supermen punches allowed. No knees or kicks. No submissions/takedowns. 7 x 2 minute rounds, except for the main event which is 9 x 2 minute rounds.

This could be an utter shambles, allowing the MMA fighters to tie up means we could see a whole of stalling.

They've added a Team Boxing vs. Team MMA concept last minute which means fighters will earn points for each win/ko etc. Dunno if anyone will give a toss about that.


I suppose the good news is, if anyone wants to watch it, its just £2.50 on Fite TV (just make sure you cancel after the event as its a monthly sub service).

Here's the card (Boxers on the left):

Kubrat Pulev vs. Frank Mir

Alexander Flores vs. Matt Mitrione

Michael Seals vs. Mike Perry

Scott Sigmon vs. Albert Tumenov

Brian Vera vs. Derek Campos

There is a couple of other fights on there but that's the main card. Interested in all of that really.




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I dont know whats happening with Tumenov but he's legit and still in his prime. He hasnt fought since 2019 but is the ACA 170lb Champ. If any MMA fighter is gonna win id put your money on Tumenov. Scott Sigmon is a journeyman best known for losing to Roy Jones in Jones' retirement fight a few years ago.

Im not sure what happened with Bika. If anyone was gonna take to the grappling, in-fighting it would have been Bika, proper nasty fucker.

I only recognise Perry's new opponent,  Mike Seals from the time he got sent to the land of wind and ghosts by Eleider Alvarez last year:

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Mir, who has 19 MMA wins over an 18-year career, is predicting much of the bout with Pulev to be fought in the clinch.

"I'm going to try and spend about 90% of the time in the clinch, which will be very frustrating for him, said Mir.

"I think he's going to be walking in there with his boxing pedigree thinking he can finish me, until I get hold of him. And that's basically what I've been training for."


Sounds exciting, thanks Frank. I think this could end up being the worst Triller card yet. They could have just paid the MMA guys to do straight up boxing. It would have been a massacre but none of them would have turned down the payday.

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State of the ring, its tiny.

Mir's a 7/1 underdog, seeing the size of that ring i quite fancy that. I can just see him pushing Pulev into a corner and keeping him there. This is gonna be a shambles.

Cant wait.

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its gonna go down in infamy with the YAMMA Pit.

I just dont understand the logic of the ring. They are saying it'll encourage action but it just looks like it'll encourage the MMA guys to push the boxers into the corner. I dont think the refs will break them up either so it could get ugly.

That said, outside of Mir, who i can see just trying to shut down Pulev, the MMA guys fighting are fighters who like to scrap and throw hands so who knows?

The Metallica thing is a full on concert too, i thought it would be a few tunes.

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Just finished watching this i skipped a few fights but caught the ones that got my attention.

First thoughts is there is a very good reason no one in the industry has done anything with this sort of ring, It doesn't work, It was pretty tiny and the fighters barely had any room because of it. 

Second thoughts were the rules were fucking stupid and swapped and changed from fight to fight to the extent that during the Mitrione fight he was shouting at the ref because what he was doing WAS legal but the ref kept splitting them up and stopping the action which just came off as so unprofessional and stupid.

So it was billed as MMA vs BOXING and if that's the case then MMA clearly won.

However the main event.......What the fuck was that main event man, Mir looked in the worst shape I've ever seen a "Professional" fighter look (Even at heavyweight) and even though the rounds were only 2 minutes  by about 30 seconds he looked like he was blowing out of every part of his body. What the fuck that ref was thinking not calling the fight for about 10 seconds while Mir was knocked out on his feet and on another planet I will never know but fucking hell it was bad.

It was something......It happened......It doesn't need to happen again

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Dan Miragliotta there, showing everyone how not to protect a fighter. He was fucking shit in the Meathead fight too. 

What I saw and can remember of this last night was not as bad as I was expecting. Seals/Perry was pretty good scrap. The refs were breaking things up quickly. Meathead tried to "90 percent clinch" for 5 rounds after scoring an early knockdown and the judges went Fuck that. The rule seemed to be you could hit and hold abit but the refs would break most clinches up pretty quick. If Mir thought he could just hold him in a corner the whole fight he must have been panicking when he saw how the other fights were panning out.


Metallica did 4 songs then left, so this was not the 3 hour Triller pop concert, with occasional fighting we have had in the past. It was still rubbish though, but not as bad as say the Jake Paul/Ben Askren event. 

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