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Triller: Triad Combat (27th Nov)

Egg Shen

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This show had more of a BKFC feel for me. Was humourous to see several thousand Metallica fans in the crowd that couldn't give two fucks about the fighting and just wanted to see the concert.

The Rampage/Shannon 'feud' is embarrassing, just looking for a payday and with the money marks behind this thing, they're going to get it. 

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On 11/29/2021 at 3:12 AM, Cousin Jim Bob said:


Metallica did 4 songs then left, so this was not the 3 hour Triller pop concert, with occasional fighting we have had in the past. 

Metallica played 3 times, they opened it, played 3 songs before the main event then played 11 songs after the main event.

If people just tuned in late here and just watched the main/co-main it'll probably make this look more farcial than it was. The actual fights up until then were good. Seals/Perry, Campos/Vera & Thall/Gigliotta were all cracking scraps where the actual rule set didn't become any kind of issue.

It got messy once the heavyweights got in there. Mitrione was blowing out his ass after 3 rounds and just leaned on Flores the rest of the fight. Pulev/Mir was just a squash. Mir was out of his depth, im still convinced he hasn't trained properly in 15 years despite what he likes to say in interviews.

I thought the actual team concept came off quite well early on too. The fights had genuine intensity too them. The whole Fat Joe at the desk thing can fuck off though, Triller need to lose that kind of thing and keep it more conventional, it just doesnt work.

I know i'm easier to please than most in this combat sports lark, i love the circus but i'd watch another one. If they pick the fights carefully and bring in MMA fighters who like to scrap (Campos and Perry were perfect) i think this concept could do alright.

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