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Lets All Moan About Customer Service

Accident Prone

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I was going to make this a "Moan about the health care system" thread but this is more catch-all.

So I "suffer" from small ear canals, which means wax builds ups heavily in my ears. Once or twice a year I'll go gradually completely deaf, which means dropping a load of olive oil down my lugs twice per day for a fortnight before getting them syringed (basically having warm water shot through your canal via a small, powerful hose) at my local NHS walk-in center.

So I got the usual gradual loss of hearing through March, took the two weeks to soak them in olive oil (they won't clean your ears out unless you go through that practice first) and when nothing had changed I was set for my annual ear-cleansing.

But we are in a pandemic, so the Walk-In Centre aren't taking in actual walk-ins. You have to call 111 to get an appointment. I hate annoying the customer service folk so I did the online form instead, which directed me to my local pharmacy to buy olive oil. Ah. Y'see, once you reach two weeks with no change you shouldn't apply any more as it can cause infection. So I can't just buy more oil, I need the cleaning work.

So I call 111 instead and go through the exact same questions as the online questionnaire, and the person on the other line isn't listening to a thing I'm saying in between. She directs me to my local pharmacy to buy more olive oil. I explain that I've already done that & I need to book an appointment at my walk-in centre. She insists that I call the pharmacy as they will "sort me out" and she even sends them a referral. So I call the pharmacy.

"All we can do is sell you ear wax removal oil".


So now I'm stuck with a totally blocked left ear and a right ear that's about to start losing it's own hearing, and I'm up shits creek. I'm going to try booking an apportionment with my GP but I can see this going the same way.

So yeah. I'm officially an old man with old man health problems, doing things that old men do like moan about the health service and customer services.

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27 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

I've always got it done through the GP, they'll just get you an appointment with the nurse there.

See that's the thing. When I went to the GP with this issue the first time about 10 years ago, I was refereed to the Walk-in centre for syringing as it was the only place in Brum that offered such service under the NHS. I'd occasionally ask every now & again during check-ups and be given the same answer. So I'm hoping they book me in with the WIC straight away, instead of going through two weeks of the oil treatment again, doomed to repeat the circle.

22 minutes ago, Chili said:

@Accident Prone same as you but replace ear with mental health breakdown and then going in a massive circle to the first person you called to begin with.

Fucking hell, mate,. See this is why I hate calling up 111, because I always feel like someone needs that service more.

Solidarity to @johnnyboyand @SuperBacon! One of the best feelings is the sound of the world literally opening up as you leave the nurse's office with fresh ears. Every little car horn and unruly public nuisance is like music.

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