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10 years since Scott Halls last match

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But does it make him look more like a wrestler than 99% of the talent today?

Wow, just saw that he was on the Global Force roster and fired a whole five days later. Speaking of Ready or Not, how fucking cool is this?  

Should be Mount Rushmore material if only for saying to Bubba Ray "What's your finisher? Cool, look forward to kicking out of it"

1 hour ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Because he's shit, has no charisma, unlikeable and his Dad's a pain in the arse to work with.

Ian just nailed it:


He's literally everything his dad wasn't. 

He shouldn't wear his dad's stuff as it just further emphasises hows what an utterly shit Scott Hall copy he is. 


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2 hours ago, LWOLeN said:

Dye his hair jet black again and make him a manager so he can get some promo time.

Scott Hall is still the coolest dude on the planet. 

Why isn’t his giant son signed anywhere?

Let’s not get crazy. He was great. But he’s a shadow of his former self in every regard. He’s the Gazza of wrestling. Every chance he gets for a come back he blows, he can barely talk anymore and just looks awful.

And what I’ve seen of his son, he looks awful and I know burnt a load of bridges early on in his career.

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