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Matchroom Fight Camp 🏕🥊

Egg Shen

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With Boxing being moved to the MMA thread ive thought about how we would keep the discussion rolling, especially with the death of megathreads. I was thinking a random fight discussion thread alongside the news thread to talk about random small shows, then get a single thread going for the bigger shows when they return. However, i thought Matchroom's Fight Camp series deserved its own thread. This sucker will kick off at the beginning of August and run for 5 weeks, 3 shows on Sky Sports before the finale being a Sky Box Office show. I cant wait for this.

Here's how it stacks up:

Saturday August 1st:


Friday August 7th:


Friday August 14th:


Saturday August 22nd:


I waa gonna list the fights but the posters already does that for. The lineups are almost complete, the Box Office card has a couple of fights left to be added though, including an opponent for Katie Taylor.

Roll on August!

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Eggington vs Cheesman was tons of fun. 

I scored it a draw. I think it was quite clear that most the early rounds went to Cheeseman and most of the late rounds went Eggington. I can see why Cheeseman got the nod though. He did briefly stun Eggington in one of the later rounds (I forget which) and another of the later rounds was pretty tight as well. 

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That was a really good fight. It was one of those that whoever lost was going to feel aggrieved. I had Cheeseman by a round but I could easily see why you would call it a draw or by 1 round to Eggington. 

Undercard not bad either. I'm not sure where Fabio Wardley will end up. Needs 5 or 6 more learning fights before the mandatory Kevin Johnson fight so we can really gauge his potential. 

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Cheeseman vs Eggington was the first fight where I’ve really thought ‘yeah boxing is back’. Some of the Warren card fights have been decent but this was something else. The fight itself plus the unique setting of it being round Hearn’s gaff. It was quality.

Oh and this wasn’t bad either...


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Wardley looks decent, real fast for a heavyweight but maybe abit undersized for todays heavies. Was impressive.

Really liked the look of Dalton Smith, always good to come out of a show with a new name to keep an eye on.

Had Cheeseman/Eggington spoiled for me so didnt really get into it, fight delivered as advertised though.

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